Marvel Legends: Who's in the Wendigo Series (and Where to Buy Them)

Marvel Legends Wendigo

The X-Men occupy their own little corner of the Marvel Universe. In fact, the mutant super-team's members are so numerous that fans have plenty to choose from to pick their favorites. When it comes to the X-Men, there are plenty of action figures and collectibles out there to show off your love for the Children of the Atom. And thanks to Hasbro, it doesn't matter which X-Men (or Women) is your favorite -- chances are, the toy manufacturer's got you covered -- or it will, very soon.

The company's highly successful Marvel Legends line of figures has plenty of waves including fan-favorite characters. Now, Hasbro has just unveiled its latest wave of X-Men Legends figures, which includes heroes and villains, from famous icons to more obscure fan-favorites. Now, CBR is breaking down which figures are included in the Marvel Legends Wendigo series and who all you need to collect to assemble the Wendigo build-a-figure.

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Marvel Legends Nightcrawler


The X-Men's resident fury blue elf is the first in Hasbro's latest line of action figures. This figure features the character in his classic comic book costume, and it comes with not one,  but three interchangeable heads that range from grinning to serious.

With a sword that can be used in all manner of swashbuckling poses and numerous points of articulation, this just might be the best Nightcrawler figure ever made.


Marvel Legends Mister Sinister


Mister Sinister is one of the X-Men's greatest villains. Over the years, the mutant super-team has gone up against their archenemy many times and now, you can add the iconic X-Men villain to your Marvel Legends collection.

The figure brings the character to life in his signature comic book costume. His glorious cape is perfectly massive and divided into comic-accurate ribbons, and it adds a great deal of size to this already big figure. While it may not come with extra accessories except Wendigo's arm, there's no need -- this action figure is sinister enough as it is.


Marvel Legends Boom-Boom


Tabitha Smith may not be the most widely-known mutant out there, but she was one of the more prominent mutants of the 1990s. Now, fans of the character can finally add the New Mutants and X-Force member to their displays.

The action figure comes with plasma energy ball effects that can be attached to the hands, to capture her mutant power to creating bombs made of pure energy in plastic. The figure also comes with two different heads, one of which features Boom-Boom blowing a bubble out of bubble-gum to make this a fun, stylish addition to your X-Men collection.


Guardian Marvel Legends


The Great White North's answer to Captain America is getting the Marvel Legends treatment with this cool new figure. While Guardian may not exactly be a member of Charles Xavier's team, the character has appeared in numerous X-Men comics as a member of Alpha Flight. He also worked closely with Wolverine before Logan in Canada's Department H before that iconic mutant joined the X-Men.

The Guardian action figure features the character's signature red-and-white costume, which emulates the Canadian flag. It's a signature piece that deserves a spot in your collection -- and in every Canadian household.


Marvel Legends X-Force Wolverine


This figure of Wolverine is far from being the first Marvel Legends to feature the clawed mutant. However, this collectible brings Wolverine in his X-Force costume to life, which instantly sets him apart from the rest. With his black and grey costume, this action figure captures Logan as he appears on the mutant strike team.

With red eyes and razor-sharp claws, this Wolverine collectible is feral and heroic all at the same time. Whether you want to add a figure to your X-Force collection or add another Legends to your ever-growing Wolverine display, this figure is simply a must-have.


Marvel Legends Cannonball


From the New Mutants to X-Force, the X-Men and Avengers, Cannonball has been a member of several of Marvel's biggest super-teams. Now, thanks to Hasbro's Wendigo Marvel Legends wave, Sam Guthrie is blastin' his way to your favorite team's display.

The action figure is incredibly unique, given that it breaks the mold of the usual figure design. Because by bringing the character's mutant super-power to life, it features a trail of fire instead of legs. This is quite literally a comic book panel come to life, and no collection is complete without it.

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As a set, all of these figures come with a piece of the Wendigo Build-A-Figure who can only be assembled with parts from all six figures.

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