Marvel Legends: Who's in the Retro X-Men Series (And Where You Can Buy Them)

Marvel Legends X-Men Retro

If you're a collector, then it's likely you are familiar with Hasbro's Marvel Legends series. The toy manufacturer's popular line of collectibles features plenty of waves delivering action figures of Marvel characters -- some that are well-known, and others slightly less so. The Marvel Legends figures therefore cover plenty of ground -- whether you're a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the comics themselves.

Hasbro's Legends figures usually feature a simple packaging that shows off the collectible's design. However, for its latest Retro X-Men series, the company is offering a different sort of packaging. The X-Men's costumes aren't the only thing retro about this new line, the line's packaging perfectly replicates the kind of backing cards that the Toy Biz X-Men figures had throughout the '90s. This instantly sets this wave apart and makes it a must-have for collectors. Now, CBR is taking a closer look at which characters received the retro treatment as part of the Marvel Legends Retro X-Men series.

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Marvel Legends Retro X-Men Cyclops


This may just be the best Cyclops figure Hasbro has ever produced. Not only does the character's blue and white X-Factor costume give the superhero a classic '80s feel, the packaging really makes it look like an old figure. But where the figure shines even more is with its accessories: the figure comes with an alternate head for Cyclops. And to this head, you can attach a full optic blast coming right out of his visor.

It's incredibly dynamic and instantly makes this a must-have for any X-Men fan. Even without the blast, the red smoking effect around the visor also makes this figure a comic book panel come to life.


Marvel Legends Retro X-Men Iceman


After Cyclops, fellow original X-Men Iceman also joins the Retro line with a fantastic figure that truly appears chilling in his classic costume. The figure features the character in his full ice form, and the translucent design of the collectible makes it one for the ages.

On top of that, the figure even comes with an ice base, which not only adds plenty of dynamism to the figure, it also offers a bit of sturdiness. This figure is sure to make your X-Men display come alive -- if you are willing to take it out of its epic packaging, that is.


Marvel Legends Retro X-Men Dazzler


The musically-inclined Dazzler is also featured in the Retro line, and she appears in all her late '80s/early '90s glory. The figure's design is perfect for the feel the line is going for: with a leather jacket, headband and a belt filled with pouches, this Dazzler figure is the perfect callback to the X-Men's wonder years.

What's more, the figure also comes with light effects that can be attached to Dazzler's arms that capture the mutant's luminescent powers in action.


Marvel Legends Retro X-Men Wolverine


Hasbro already has plenty of Wolverine Legends figures from his classic blue and yellow costume to his X-Force costume and his Weapon X attire. Now, if you're a Wolverine collector, you will be able to add the Retro figure to your display. This Legends collectible features the character in his black costume, complete with black face-paint, that captures the look he sported in some of his early solo adventures.

Not only does the action figure come with the mutant's signature claws, interchangeable hands also allow collectors to swap out his claws for the Muramasa Blade to make this a Wolverine collectible unlike any other.


Marvel Legends Retro X-Men Silver Samurai


What's a sword-wielding Wolverine without an opponent to display it with? The next figure in the Retro Marvel Legends series is none other than the villainous Silver Samurai. The character looks like he came right off of the comic book page. He may not come with interchangeable hands, but he comes with all the accessories he needs: his two swords.

Now, collectors can create an awesome display of Wolverine and the Silver Samurai locked in a duel. That is, if you can actually bring yourself to take this figure out of its '90s-style packaging.


Marvel Legends Retro X-Men Storm


Finally, the last action figure in the X-Men Retro line is none other than Storm, featured in her iconic white costume. Here, the character looks like she stepped right out of X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon, something that will surely make this figure difficult to track down.

On top of that, the figure also comes with two lightning construct effects which can be attached to Storm's arm. By bringing the thunder, this figure comes alive and is sure to turn into a centerpiece of your X-Men display. The retro packaging is great, sure, but this is one that begs to be taken out of its box.

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