Marvel Legends: Who's In the Hulk Avengers: Endgame Wave (And Where to Buy It)

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As the dust from Avengers: Endgame finally starts to settle, Hasbro's latest line of Marvel Legends action figures is bringing a new batch of Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes and comic book characters to a toy shelf near you.

Led by an intelligent Hulk Build-A-Figure that looks more like actor Mark Ruffalo than ever before, this wave features a mix of MCU Avengers, fan-favorite comic book heroes and some truly obscure characters. Now, CBR is breaking down who all is in the new wave, and where you can still find it.

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Marvel Legends Endgame War Machine


Even though he didn't get as much screen time as some other armored Avengers, Don Cheadle's War Machine got a major redesign for Avengers: Endgame. While James "Rhodey" Rhodes has always carried a little bit more artillery than Tony Stark's sleek Iron Man armors, his latest gear essentially turns him into a walking tank.

The figure perfectly captures Rhodey's bulky redesign, with two massive wrist-mounted guns that compliment his traditional soldier cannon. For anyone trying to assemble the MCU's Avengers or all of Stark's armors, this figure is a must-have and one of the wave's standout figures. This is the only figure in the line who does not ship with a piece of the Build-A-Figure Hulk.

Beta Ray Bill

Marvel Legends Beta Ray Bill


Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, can only be wielded by the most worthy beings in the universe, and, despite his unusual appearance, Beta Ray Bill is one of those worthy few. Created by Walter Simonson in his legendary Thor run, this Korbinite horse-like alien briefly feuded with Thor before being given Stormbreaker, an equally powerful hammer of his own. Since then, Bill has become one of Thor's closest allies and Marvel's most noble cosmic heroes.

While Bill and his classic costume were immortalized in plastic in the 2006 Marvel Legends M.O.D.O.K. Build-A-Figure wave, this version of the cosmic crusader features his sleeker modern costume and, of course, his golden hammer Stormbreaker.

Union Jack

Marvel Legends Union Jack


While Captain America was the champion of the United States in Marvel's WWII, Union Jack was the United Kingdom's mightiest defender. Debuting during Roy Thomas and Frank Robbins' Invaders, the original Union Jack was a costumed British super-spy during WWI and fought Baron Blood, his evil vampire brother. After debuting in Roger Stern and John Byrne's Captain America run, Joseph Chapman took over as the modern Union Jack, who joined S.H.I.E.L.D., the Invaders and remained one of Britain's mightiest heroes.

This figure perfectly captures his modern costume, which is embossed with the British flag and includes a utility belt with removable weapons.


Marvel Legends Shuri


Even though Letitia Wright's Shuri was one of the breakout stars of last year's Black Panther, the MCU version of the character hasn't received the Marvel Legends treatment until now. While this young technological genius already outsmarted Bruce Banner in Avengers: Infinity War and returned just in time for Endgame's final battle, she's still just getting started and stands as one of the brightest rising stars in the MCU's next generation of heroes.

Although a more comics-accurate Marvel Legends Shuri in her Black Panther costume was released as part of a two-pack last year, this is the first movie-accurate Marvel Legends Shuri, compete with her vibranium gauntlets. For anyone trying to assemble a Black Panther collection or a complete roster of MCU heroes, this figure is absolutely essential.

Rock Python

Marvel Legends Rock Python


With just a few dozen appearances to his name, Rock Python is one of the more obscure characters to ever be immortalized in the Marvel Legends line. This Captain America villain was created by Mark Gruenwald and Kieron Dwyer and is a member of the Serpent Society, a group of snake-themed villains who've caused trouble for Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson's Captain Americas.

With rock-hard impenetrable skin, this villain has remained a minor player in the Marvel Universe since his introduction. This figure perfectly captures his colorful comic book costume, and he would be a great addition to a Captain America collection and would fit alongside fellow Serpent Society Marvel Legends like King Cobra and Viper.


Marvel Legends Rescue


Even though Gwyneth Paltrow's Pepper Potts has been a part of the MCU since the very beginning, she's been seriously lacking in the toy department. While a scantly-clad, Extremis-infected Pepper Potts was part of last year's Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends set, this figure captures Potts in her Rescue armor, which made its MCU debut in Endgame.

While Potts' comic book armor is usually red and silver, this figure perfectly captures Rescue's cinematic look, complete with massive thrusters on the back of her armor and a smaller set of alternate thrusters. This Rescue figure is a must-buy for anyone building the ultimate Iron Man collection or trying to assemble all of the MCU's heroes.


Marvel Legends Loki


Thanks to Tom Hiddleston's numerous appearances as Loki in the MCU, there's no shortage of Marvel Legends Loki figures on shelves. However, the Asgardian God of Mischief hasn't had too many figures inspired by his classic comic book appearances. But now, this figure perfectly captures Loki in his first, classic Marvel costume.

While he doesn’t have the kind of cape that the MCU Loki usually wears, this Jack Kirby-designed Loki outfit includes Loki's horned crown and his sword. For anyone trying to build the ultimate Thor collection or assemble Marvel's biggest characters in their most iconic forms, this Loki figure is an absolute must-have.

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