The Best New Marvel Legends (And Where You Can Find Them)

Marvel Legends 2019

This year has been massive for Marvel. As the publisher at the center of the Marvel empire celebrates its 80th anniversary, Avengers: Endgame broke all sorts of box office records while garnering massive critical acclaim. The Joe and Anthony Russo-directed film featured more characters than ever before assembled on the screen together, something that was more than apparent in the movie's grandiose final act.

Collectors have plenty of choices when it comes to displaying their love of all the Marvel characters featured on the big screen and in thousands of comic books. Thankfully, Hasbro's Marvel Legends line not only features affordable action figures of your favorite superheroes, it also has a wide selection of characters from the films and the publisher's comic book history. Now, CBR is taking a look at some of the most exciting new and upcoming figures from the Marvel Legends line.

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Marvel Legends Iron Man


There is no denying that, in some ways, Avengers: Endgame was Iron Man's film. The movie seemingly marks the end of the Armored Avenger's time at the center of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But long before that, Iron Man was one of the comic book Marvel Universe's greatest heroes.

Celebrating Marvel's 80th anniversary, this Marvel Legends figure comes with plenty of accessories, with alternate hands, repulsor blasts and heads. This might just be the best classic Iron Man figure ever released, especially with the unmasked classic Tony Stark head that makes it an essential part of any Iron Man collection.


Marvel Legends Captain America Endgame


Captain America was one of the most important Avengers in Endgame. The character already has two Marvel Legends from the film: one where he is wearing his Quantum Realm team suit for the 'time heist' sequence, while the other is a spoilery figure of the Sentinel of Liberty wearing his final costume, equipped with not only his shield but also Mjolnir.

Now, you can set up your very own version of the film's epic Cap vs. Cap fight scene with this new action figure of Steve Rogers. The collectible features Captain America in his The Avengers costume, as seen in Endgame's time-traveling sequence. The figure comes with the iconic shield, making it one that will make a heroic addition to your Captain America collection.

Colossus and Juggernaut


Long before they duked it out in Deadpool 2, the X-Men's Colossus and the Juggernaut had tons of earth-shaking brawls in comics and cartoons. These two powerhouses are some of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe, and this two-pack brings the two super-strong X-Men together for the ultimate X-Men brawl.

Although both of these figures have already been released under the Marvel Legends banner, this set offers a redesigned take on both characters in their most iconic comic book costumes and accessories that really make these figures shine. While Colossus comes with a pair of extra, interchangeable hands, Juggernaut comes with an extra set of hands along with an interchangeable head and battle-damaged helmet to perfect recreate the one of the pair's epic fights.


Marvel Legends Giant-Man


With build-a-figures, Marvel Legends kicked off one of the most ingenious trends in the modern collectibles market. However, buying a complete wave of toys to get the parts needed to build the build-a-figure can be an especially expensive hassle.

However, Hasbro is re-releasing one of its best build-a-figures, Giant-Man, as an extra-tall standalone figure. Modeled after Scott Lang's hero from Captain America: Civil War, this figure clocks in at 10 inches tall and comes in packaging that references the iconic airport fight from Civil War. If you missed out on the Giant Man build-a-figure or just want another figure to tower over the rest of your MCU Marvel Legends collection, this figure is a must-buy.

Havok and Polaris


Throughout the Marvel Legends line, Hasbro has slowly released the majority of the '90s incarnation of the X-Men affiliate team X-Factor. And now, Hasbro has unveiled another two key members of that fan-favorite team with the Havok and Polaris two-pack.

While both Havok and Polaris have been turned into Marvel Legends before, this set marks the first time both have worn their iconic blue and gold '90s costumes in the Marvel Legends line. Both of these figures also come with accessories that show off the crackling energy of their mutant powers. Since Hasbro has already teased the upcoming release of a '90s Strong Guy figure, this set is an essential piece for any mutant collector.

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