Marvel Legacy's X-Men Crossover Takes Mojo Worldwide

Mojo will make his way to Marvel Legacy this fall in a crossover spanning the 13th issues of X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold.

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X-Men Blue writer Cullen Bunn revealed to ComicBook.com that "Mojo Worldwide" brings the inter-dimensional media mogul to Manhattan. "From a story perspective, Mojo is experiencing crashing ratings in his home dimension," he said. "The reason for this ratings nose-dive will have to remain a secret for now, because it's fun and I don't want to spoil the surprise."

Introduced in 1985 in Longshot #3, Mojo is a member of the alien race the Spineless Ones who rules the Mojoverse, a dimension where inhabitants are addicted to gladiator-style television shows. He's menaced the X-Men repeatedly over the years, across comics, animated television and video games.

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"From a meta perspective, we knew we wanted to do a Mojo story, but some of us worried that readers don't find Mojo to be much of a threat because his stories always take place in the alternate dimension of Mojoworld," Bunn said. "Well, we decided to blow that misconception out of the water straight away by bringing Mojo to our world. We want Mojo to be sort of quirky and weird, but also scary and threatening. And we're bringing him right to your doorstep."

As part of the crossover, Mojo will dip into the "greatest hits" of X-Men continuity, with scenes and characters from beloved storylines, ranging from "Days of Future Past" to "The Asgardian Wars." However, Bunn noted, some elements will be revisited in-depth while others will receive "only [a] quick drive-by."

Covers for the crossover, by Mojo co-creator Art Adams, will also have a strong link to past X-Men tales. "Mojo Worldwide" begins in X-Men Blue #13, by Bunn and artist Jorge Molina, and continues in X-Men Gold #13, by writer Marc Guggenheim and an as-yet-unrevealed artist.

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