Marvel Exec: Voyager Is 'Most Important Character' You Don't Remember


Marvel Legacy #1 came with its fair share of reveals and reality-altering moments for the Marvel Universe. The least of which was the reveal of a retcon: That Voyager (who?!) was in fact a founding member of the Avengers.

Set to be explored in the weekly "No Surrender" arc of Marvel Legacy's Avengers, readers will gain more insight into the mysterious hero, and according to Marvel exec Tom Brevoort, those insights are pretty important.

"I can tell you she’s the most important character in the Marvel Universe that you don’t remember – but you will," Brevoort said in a recent interview with Newsarama. "And you’ll remember her by the time Avengers #676 comes out, the second part of 'No Surrender'...There’s a scene in there that lays out quite concretely exactly who she is. Her identity will be revealed."

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He added, "I will tell you – because it fills me with immeasurable glee – that her secret identity, her real name, is Valerie Vector. Take that as you will – people can go to their Marvel Handbooks to see if they can suss out any clues about her identity...There are clues in Marvel Legacy #1. There are clues in the promo image that Alex Ross painted that’s on the back of the lenticular variant and will be seen on a lot of books moving forward, where she’s included with the founding Avengers on their statue."

“Avengers: No Surrender” kicks off in January’s Avengers #675, written by Mark Waid, Al Ewing and Jim Zub, with art by Pepe Larraz. The weekly storyline will last for three months, with the writing team working together throughout while artist Kim Jacinto illustrates the second month’s chapter, and Paco Medina takes on the third month’s.

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