Marvel Legacy #1: The Biggest Unanswered Questions

The time has finally arrived. Marvel Legacy #1 is here, and the one-shot has brought with it a slew of teases and unanswered questions for the future of the Marvel Universe. From long dead or missing characters returning, to past-altering cosmic catastrophes, the next year of Marvel is going to be one that shakes things up, for better or for worse.

With all of that in mind, we sat down to take a closer look at some of Legacy’s most pressing mysteries, and take some guesses as to what they might mean.

What “Infected” the Celestial?

The event that assembled the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC has been revealed, and it’s as earth shattering as you might have guessed. A Celestial has crashed into Earth -- but not just any Celestial. This one, according to Agamotto, seemed “infected” or almost rabid. Worse yet? It seems to be searching for something within the planet.


Luckily, the first ever team of Avengers is ready to stop it, but rather than nailing it to the moon like Odin suggested, they apparently leave it disabled and buried after they defeat it. Now, in the current day, it seems to be waking up thanks to an archeological dig taking place just above it, prompting all sorts of unpleasant side effects -- just ask Robbie Reyes, who apparently teleported from East L.A. to South Africa while dreaming of his million year old, mammoth-riding ancestor.

Whatever the Celestial was hunting for, whatever infected it, is apparently dangerous enough to send Starbrand into a protective frenzy. Not only does attempt to prevent Ghost Rider from discovering its existence, he's willing to murder people without any remorse in order to achieve his goal. Unluckily for him, Ghost Rider's Penance Gaze ends up having deadly results when used on Starbrand (R.I.P. Kevin Conner), leaving the iconic symbol burned into the ground, presumably waiting for its next bearer to discover it.

What’s Loki Playing At?

It’s usually never a good idea to try and guess at the motivations behind any of Loki’s schemes, but this might be an exception to the rule. We find him organizing a troupe of frost giants to steal what ends we eventually learn is an Infinity Stone (the blue mind gem, to be specific) from a S.H.I.E.L.D warehouse.


According to Loki, he’s actually, genuinely trying to “save the world” this time -- but given his history and the potential of something like the mind gem in his possession, can that actually be true? Add in what we know about his eventual ascent to the role of Sorcerer Supreme of Earth -- slated to happen in November -- and we have to wonder, what does his hunt for an infinity stone actually mean?

Later, we see Loki all but shrug off his lost stone in favor of visiting the site of the crashed Celestial, where he admits to not necessarily needing the stone for its mind-based abilities, but as a power source. What, exactly, is he trying to power?

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