Marvel Legacy Will Answer Key Questions About Beloved Characters

Marvel Comics has dedicated significant time and resources over the past several years to introducing newer versions of established superheroes. There are now two Spider-Men (Peter Parker and Miles Morales), two Iron Men (Riri Williams and Doctor Doom, not to mention the original, Tony Stark), and two heroes who call themselves Captain America (Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson).

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There have been questions about whether the Marvel Universe is big enough for multiple takes on the same iconic character. The publisher's next initiative, Marvel Legacy, will tackle that head-on, with Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso assuring ABC News there are no old or new characters; there are simply Marvel heroes.

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Marvel's current event, the Captain America-centric "Secret Empire," will act as a rallying cry to unite its heroes in the lead-up to "Marvel Legacy."

Announced Saturday at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, Marvel Legacy kicks off this fall with the appropriately titled “Marvel Legacy” #1, a 50-page one-shot written by Jason Aaron (“Doctor Strange,” “Star Wars”) and illustrated by Esad Ribic (“Gamora,” “Secret Wars”) that promises to “set the stage for the next chapter of the Marvel Universe with hope, heroism, heart and the Earth-shattering return of a beloved Marvel mainstay.”

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