Marvel Legacy One-Shot Features A Second, Very Different Return


SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for the plot of Marvel Legacy #1, on sale Wednesday, September 27.

Just one day after the announcement of that character's return in the issue, Marvel Comics has dropped another major reveal from the Marvel Legacy one-shot ahead of its release. That would be the return of Franklin and Valeria Richards, the kids of Fantastic Four members Sue Storm and Reed Richards, who haven't appeared in proper Marvel Comics continuity since the 2015-2016 event series Secret Wars. ComicBook.com dropped the major bombshell, in addition to teasing the following image from the issue, which hits stands tomorrow, September 27.

"What does Franklin and Valeria’s return portend for the Marvel’s Universe’s first family?” Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso told the site, teasing the Fantastic Four's return. “Keep reading. And start with Marvel Two-In-One, where half of the Fantastic Four will form the ultimate buddy book. Can 1 plus 1 equal four? Find out."

In Marvel Legacy’s Marvel Two-In-One, the two founding members of the FF will undertake a mission to make their family whole again. While readers know that Reed, Sue, Franklin and Val are perfectly fine, helping to oversee the restoration of reality following the events of 2015-2016’s Secret Wars, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm just know their family is missing.

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“It’s Ben and Johnny diving headfirst into the mystery of what happened to [Reed and Sue],” series writer Chip Zdarsky said upon the reveal of Two-In-One. “The world presumes that Reed, Sue, and the kids are dead, but Johnny especially can’t accept that fact. So we’re heading on a road trip to find out what happened.”

“[U]nbeknownst to Ben and Johnny, [Doctor] Doom holds the key to finding the missing heroes,” Zdarsky continued. “Writing Doom is insanely fun, and my favorite Marvel book right now is Infamous Iron Man, so it’s great to be able to play with what Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev have been doing with the character.”

Zdarsky went on to promise that readers will see “Ben and Johnny doing what the Fantastic Four always did best: exploring new worlds and universes and trying not to die.”

This latest announcement follows the reveal of a Mr. Fantastic/Invisible Woman sketch that Alex Ross posted on his Instagram before it was taken down moments later. Of course, the image could have been for a variant cover, a collected edition or retrospective, or simply a pin-up, but it certainly begs the question: Is a Fantastic Four reunion happening sooner rather than later?

Marvel Legacy #1 hits stands Wednesday, September 27.

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