Axel Alonso Teases Marvel Legacy Will Break the Internet

marvel legacy

When Marvel Comics kicks off its new initiative this fall in "Marvel Legacy" #1, it will not only begin a new era for the publisher, its final page will cause what the Editor-in-Chief says is "probably gonna break the internet."

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"That story functions as a preview of what's to come. It's chocked full of twists, surprises, Easter eggs, and let's just say, a last-page reveal that’s probably gonna break the internet," Alonso told ABC News. "It's a big moment, something we continually get asked about. We are going to answer that question."

marvel legacy

What could be something big enough to get the internet talking? The last surprise from Marvel that delivered a similar impact was the revelation on the final page of "Captain America: Steve Rogers" #1 that the Sentinel of Liberty was really an agent of Hydra. Considering the backlash that caused with a segment of the fanbase, it's probably a safe bet the shocking moment in "Marvel Legacy" #1 will produce a considerably different reaction.

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Announced Saturday at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, Marvel Legacy kicks off this fall with the appropriately titled “Marvel Legacy” #1, a 50-page one-shot written by Jason Aaron (“Doctor Strange,” “Star Wars”) and illustrated by Esad Ribic (“Gamora,” “Secret Wars”) that promises to “set the stage for the next chapter of the Marvel Universe with hope, heroism, heart and the Earth-shattering return of a beloved Marvel mainstay.”

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