Marvel 'Leaks' Weapon Plus Paperwork for Wolverine, Captain America

Marvel Comics has released classified paperwork for its Weapon Plus program, with three of the documents referring to Captain America, Wolverine and Fantomex, whose body is currently occupied by Professor Charles Xavier.

The title of the post on Marvel's website is "test/DO_NOT_PUBLISH-confidential-24569," making it appear like the article was posted accidentally. The majority of the article's body is filled with computer programming code, but as you keep scrolling there are three research memorandums for Weapon I, Weapon X and Weapon XIII that have their contents redacted, with their contents unclassified on Monday, June 17.

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The first document is titled "Research Memorandum - Weapon I," with the test subject's Date of Birth listed in 1918 and Brooklyn, New York as the residence. Of course, this refers to Steve Rogers, who volunteered for the United States' Super-Soldier Program to become Captain America. There are mentions of the vita rays that gave Captain America his superhuman abilities, Hydra, the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Winter Soldier.

Document two is titled "Research Memorandum - Weapon X" for the X-Men's Wolverine. Easter eggs for Logan include his time on Team X, his home country of Canada, claws of Adamantium, healing factor, Professor Charles Xavier, mutants and the X-Men. And finally, "Research Memorandum - Weapon XIII" is for Fantomex, also created by Morrison. We see the document list The World as his residence, which is the micro-reality where he was raised, his status as the thirteenth weapon of the program, Magneto, Scott Summers and Jean Grey-Summers.

Weapon Plus is the secret organization behind the creation of super-soldiers in the Marvel Universe, and was first introduced in Grant Morrison's New X-Men.

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Of course, this could also be a new tease for Jonathan Hickman's upcoming X-Men run. The writer is known for his complicated graphic designs, and the computer code could be the newest example of his work. However, Marvel is releasing Wolverine & Captain America: Weapon Plus #1 in July, with the one-shot revealing the classified history between the two iconic superheroes.

Fans should get some answers to what this mysterious tease is for on Monday, June 17.

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