Marvel Launches "Take My Trade!" Charity Initiative

Official Press Release

Want some new comics for your collection and want to support a charitable cause? Well, then you better jump onboard the groundbreaking comic book experience know as TAKE MY TRADE! The brainchild of Marvel Comics Executive Editor Tom Brevoort (voted "Favorite Editor" by Wizard Magazine) and featured on Blah Blah Blog at Marvel.Com, TAKE MY TRADE allows fans to trade their comics with Brevoort so he can find a comic worthy of being traded for an original FANTASTIC FOUR #1, which will then be donated to charity via The HERO Initiative. All comics remaining at the end of this event, which continues throughout 2009, will be auctioned by The HERO Initiative to aid in the welfare of less fortunate comic book creators. As Brevoort moves closer to acquiring FF #1, time is running out to join in on the fun-and receive a Certificate of Meaninglessness, personally signed by Brevoort himself!

"We've come a long way, and I'm constantly impressed with the generosity shown by my Tradees in terms of the material they've been willing to part with," said Brevoort. "Among the very valuable books we've got in the Trading Stack right this moment are FANTASTIC FOUR #48, the first appearance of the Silver Surfer and Galactus, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #129 with the first appearance of the Punisher, and just earlier this week, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #5. But we're still a ways away from a copy of FANTASTIC FOUR #1, and there's an ever-growing stack of swag building up in my office just waiting for a good home. The ride's not half over yet, folks-and it won't be a party without you!"

Do you want to be part of comic book history, True Believer? Click over to Marvel.Com and keep up with Tom Brevoort's Take My Trade, as comic fans from all over the world come together to procure one of comics' true treasures-Fantastic Four #1-for a charitable cause!

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