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First, Marvel revamped their most popular characters through the smash hit Ultimate line. Then they invited topflight creators to put a shine on Spidey and evolve the X-Men. Finally, they unleashed their imaginations with MAX Comics. Now the time has come for The House to unveil its revamped web-site with new features and expanded attractions -- such as their Marvel DotComics and Marvel Trailers -- all presented in a package as colorful, fun, and cutting edge as their world-famous characters!

In conjunction with the relaunch of Marvel.com, the House of Ideas has redesigned and expanded its slate of Marvel dotComics, releasing four complete issues every month. Online offerings include Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men and critically acclaimed, sold-out series from all corners of the Marvel Universe, such as Fantastic Four and Daredevil. Best of all, fans can read all of these full-color adventures for free! And the format, content and price is proving a hit with readers, as the Marvel DotComics have scored over two million hits over the last four months alone!

The House also recently unveiled their first Marvel Trailer, which used Mark Millar's powerful words and Adam Kubert's stunning visuals to preview "Return to Weapon X," the new story arc appearing in Ultimate X-Men #7 - #12. Greeted with a roar of approval, Senior Designer John D. Roberts is currently hard at work on follow-up Marvel Trailers, this time spinning the spotlight on Elektra and U.S. War Machine.

"One of the greatest strengths that Marvel.com has is proximity to the legendary Bullpen, which is just one floor above our New Media department," said Bill Rosemann, Marketing Communications Manager. "That means we can work hand-in-hand with the people that make these incredible comics. Not to mention the fact that we have total access to material that readers dream of seeing -- including character designs and original art by the top pencilers, plus scripts by the industry's best writers. By forming a Rainbow Bridge between Publishing and New Media, we can place all of this behind-the-scenes material online for all of our fans to see."

Additional features on Marvel.com include:

  • Your Man @ Marvel: The House's own roving reporter, delivering insider news every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday;
  • Comics On Sale: Listing full solicitation copy and full-color covers for all titles published by The House each month;
  • Sneak Peek: sharing previews of the latest black-and-white art as it flies in via fax and FedEx from top talent around the world;
  • Marvel Buzz: linking to articles and interviews that Marvel inspires around the Web;
  • Power Poll: the weekly vote that lets readers voice their opinion on the latest controversial questions that are burning up fandom;
  • Marvel Spotlight: analyzing each week's "Best Bet" as chosen by Your Man @ Marvel; and
  • In The House: creator Q&As delivered with a street beat by the journalist known only as Marvel Dog!

Also, the new site's expanded Character Bios section now boast awesome action shots and iconic images of The House's hottest heroes -- not to mention Marvel's most-wanted villains! Currently, over 100 new Character Bios are available, with more being constructed every day!

"Marvel.com will hustle to deliver the official word on our characters' latest developments straight from the source," Rosemann continued. "After you read all about these cool comics, you can even use our Comic Shop Locator Service to find them at the store nearest you! And if you want to create our comics, you can learn how to become an intern or submit your work through our 'About Marvel' section! Heck, you can even arrange for Spider-Man to come visit your hometown through our Character Appearances program! Marvel.com really is your gateway to all of the action going on in The House!"

In addition to this expanded entertainment, readers can also visit the redesigned Marvel.com Store, which now features a variety of vendors -- including 99dogs, eWatch Factory, and Collectible Concepts. Through the interactive Marvel.com Store, fans can design their own Marvel themedT-shirts and watches, and even join the all-new, all-different Official Marvel Universe Fan Club.

"The New Media team is constantly creating new content," concluded Rosemann. "Whether it's our Marvel DotComics, Character Bios, Your Man's insider columns, Marvel Trailers, Marvel Dog's creator interviews, glimpses of unpublished art or in-depth examinations of the latest comics -- if you love characters like Spider-Man and the X-Men, we'll have something new for you to soak up every day of the week."

The doors to The House are now open at www.marvel.com!

Source: Marvel Comics

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