Marvel Launches Music-Based Web Series, "Marvel's Playback"

From the recent all-singing all-dancing "Flash"/"Supergirl" TV crossover "Duet" to the moments of musical virtuosity in FX's "Legion," music is playing an increasing role in comic book adaptations at the moment — even "Iron Fist" has its own soundtrack album on iTunes!

Now it seems Marvel is intent in looking in the opposite direction with its new "Marvel's Playback" documentary web series, in which the publisher sends a film crew over to interview various bands and musicians in their own homes to check out their comics collection and to discover which titles and characters most influenced their lives and careers.

The first instalment focuses on Pat Carney from The Black Keys. During the interview, Carney describes how he was introduced to comics by his father and how that collection served as his gateway into music. As Carney puts it, "through comics, through collecting, I became interested in music."

Of course, the highlight for most comics fans will be to see what the musician keeps in his long box, and among his most treasured possessions is a well-loved copy of Stan Lee and John Buscema's "Silver Surfer" #1 along with several issues of "The Nam."

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It is also fun to hear Carney recount how and why acquired various comics; trading video games, baseball cards and BB guns with a neighbourhood friend for most of his collection, but stealing a copy of "Wolverine: Bloodlust" from his brother.

Apparently Carney was also a victim of the comics speculation boom in the early 90s, buying a copy of Jim Valentino's "Guardians of the Galaxy" #1 in the expectation that it would one day be worth enough to pay for college. He would probably have had more of a chance at this goal with the "Silver Surfer" comic, if only it had been in better condition...

It will be very interesting to see what other musicians Marvel have line up to take part in future instalments.

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