Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige Weighs in on Stan Lee Elder Abuse Allegations

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Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has commented on the recent elder abuse allegations from Stan Lee, offering his support for the comics legend.

“It’s very complicated, and of course we’re always seeing what we can do about it,” Feige said to the Los Angeles Daily News. “It’s sad.”

Lee and Feige are both good friends, with Lee making personal cameos in all the Marvel Studios movies to date.

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Lee has endured quite a tumultuous ride as of late, with the Los Angeles Police Department having to investigate these claims made by the 95-year-old co-creator of the Marvel Universe, with the issue picking up steam once again last month.

While the investigation was launched in February, Lee was granted a temporary restraining order in June against Keya Morgan, the 42-year-old memorabilia collector who, in recent months, had become the legendary creator’s “gatekeeper.” Lee recently posted a video declaring Morgan was his only partner and business manager, and that all others were making false claims. However, that was before Morgan was arrested on suspicion of filing a false police report.

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Last May, Lee was reportedly threatened by two gunmen at his Los Angeles home and in the past, has had to deny elder abuse allegations leveled against his daughter, J.C. Lee. Apart from health scares, he's also been embroiled in a billion-dollar lawsuit against his former entertainment company POW! Entertainment, and has repeatedly tweeted about his other social media accounts being hacked.

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