15 Superpowers Juggernaut Has That Are Way Too Powerful (And 5 That Are Too Weak)


In 1965, Stan Lee created the character Cain Marko, who is the stepbrother of Charles Xavier. While serving with the US Army, Marko finds a temple dedicated to the entity Cyttorak. In this temple he finds the Gem of Cyttorak and reads the inscription on it, which channels a portion of Cyttorak’s power into Marko. He gains incredible power and is henceforth known as Juggernaut. Juggernaut has made appearances in a number of X-Men cartoons and in the 2006 movie X-Men: The Last Stand. However, after appearing in the smash hit Deadpool 2 in 2018, Juggernaut is more popular than ever. Most people know that he is extremely strong, but that only scratches the surface of his power. The Gem of Cyttorak bestows Juggernaut with far more strength than what is seen in Deadpool 2 and grants him a number of immensely powerful abilities the movie didn’t even touch on. The powers he gains from the Gem actually make him one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe.

Juggernaut is so powerful it is hard to believe a team of X-Men could handle him on their own. His strength and durability are seemingly infinite and unmatched across the universe. In many areas, Juggernaut is too powerful for a small team of mutants to handle. He should be one of the most dangerous threats in the universe and, instead, he is often underutilized. However, amongst his vast powerset there are a few weak outliers. In the following list, we take a look at 15 of Juggernaut’s superpowers that are way too powerful and five of his powers that are far too weak.

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Juggernaut Punching The Ground
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Juggernaut Punching The Ground

When Juggernaut has unlocked complete access to the Gem to become Trion Juggernaut, he has shown that he has the power to manipulate matter. However, he can only manipulate the size of objects. Again, it seems a little restrictive for the Gem of Cyttorak to grant him a new ability, but on a fairly minor scale. Juggernaut has little need to make a rock into a boulder and throw it at someone. He is an unstoppable force with incredible strength and speed, who never tires; why would he take the time to enlarge an item to use as a weapon? We can’t think of many situations where he would use this minor power.


Juggernaut Running Through A Wall

Juggernaut has a number of powers, but he does not have many nicknames. One of the few names he is often called is “the Unstoppable Juggernaut”. It wasn’t just picked because it sounds catchy, as Juggernaut is literally unstoppable. He is able to create an unlimited amount of kinetic energy and once he is in motion, he is impossible to stop.

In the past, Hulk has been able to slow him down, but never actually stop him. In one instance, Juggernaut ran straight through a mountain. That’s right, a mountain. When Juggernaut gets moving, no one stands a chance against him.


Juggernaut Holding Deadpool in Deadpool 2

Juggernaut is one of the strongest beings in the universe. He is often able to best Thor and Hulk in battle, as even the strongest incarnations of Hulk cannot overpower Juggernaut. His fists are not only used for punching, as he can cause earthquakes of great magnitude by smashing them into the ground or sometimes by fighting another powerful being. At one point, Juggernaut created a massive force that blew back a number of Generation-X members by clapping his hands together. There are not many characters in the Marvel Universe who can go toe-to-toe with Juggernaut and live to tell the story.


Juggernaut Breaking Out Of The Ground

Don’t be distracted by this guy’s big red suit; Juggernaut is extremely durable without it. He cannot be harmed by any physical weapon and has even withstood blows from Thor. In The Amazing Spider-Man #629, Juggernaut effortlessly dug through the earth’s bedrock, where he faced inconceivable amounts of pressure as he traveled further into the earth’s core. Due to the powerful gravitational force beneath the surface of the Earth, the surrounding rocks would crush the average super-character, but he was able to withstand it. Digging through the bedrock shows Juggernaut’s immense strength, but it is the ability to withstand the pressure that shows his immeasurable durability.


Juggernaut Helmet from Deadpool 2

Juggernaut has shown that he possesses the ability to create matter. However, the only thing he can create is his helmet, which is helpful if it is destroyed in battle. For a Gem that can supply him with immeasurable power in many of his other abilities, it seems a little weak that Juggernaut is only able to create one specific item. This power allows for a small and exciting window of opportunity to attack Juggernaut when his helmet is destroyed and he is conjuring up a new one. Unfortunately, it only leaves us wondering why he can’t magically create anything else.


Juggernaut Running

The energy from the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak that flows through Juggernaut’s body completely sustains him. He doesn’t need oxygen, food or water to survive, which means he has unlimited stamina. Juggernaut can keep his unstoppable body in motion forever without becoming fatigued or needing to replenish lost energy. This is also a powerful asset in a fist fight. Even the incredible stamina of Hulk cannot match up to Juggernaut. If the two were locked in a battle the Hulk would fade first and while it might take a number of days, he would be the one to tire, with Juggernaut victorious.


Juggernaut Running Very Fast

Juggernaut is a gigantic human. He stands almost ten feet tall and weighs close to 2,000 lbs. Even at this immense size, he has the ability of superhuman speed. His huge leg muscles can carry his frame as fast as 600 miles per hour, which is approaching the speed of sound at 767 miles per hour. Juggernaut is able to turn his body into a weapon at this incredible speed and his added power of unlimited kinetic energy means there is no way to stop him. It seems unlikely that an impossibly strong, tireless being who cannot be injured would need to run away, but whichever way he’s headed, steer clear.


Juggernaut Fighting Colossus

While Juggernaut cannot be harmed by any physical weapon, he can be harmed by mystical weapons from beings of immense power. Once he is injured by the attack, the gem immediately heals his wounds. At one point Juggernaut was diminished to a skeleton by D’Spayre and the gem completely regenerated his body within seconds. Juggernaut may have the fastest healing factor in the Marvel Universe. As long as there is a single molecule left in his body, he will regenerate to his original form. There is almost no point to him getting injured at all, as his level of healing makes him too powerful.


Deadpool Riding Juggernaut

When Juggernaut gained complete control of the Gem and became Trion Juggernaut, he gained the power of levitation. While it may sound cool, levitation is actually a weak version of a flight power. Sure, he can float in the air, but the power of levitation implies that he cannot travel quickly. Levitation is like the hot air balloon of flying powers; it is technically flying, but you aren’t going to use it if you’re in a hurry. For a character that has super-speed, we wonder why he would ever use his levitation power. It seems a little too weak for the (predominantly) overpowered Juggernaut.


juggernaut Surrounded By Fire

As we have already stated, Juggernaut is a very durable being. He cannot be physically harmed in any way. He also wears indestructible, completely unnecessary body armor. If there was a physical force that could somehow manage to penetrate his armor and damage his body, it would first have to make it through a force field that Juggernaut constantly has surrounding him. This force field can stop any and all physical attacks. Nothing can penetrate it, even Cyclops’ full optic blast, which is said to have the power to rip a planet in half. Good luck getting through that outer layer of protection to harm Juggernaut.


Juggernaut Reaching

Juggernaut is incredibly durable and surrounds himself with an impenetrable force field. If a powerful magical weapon is able to penetrate the force field and wound him, he will heal instantly. However, even with all this protection, Juggernaut still wears indestructible armor. There is absolutely no need for him to wear armor, let alone unbreakable armor. His big red suit is just overkill. We understand the suit makes him look menacing, but it definitely doesn’t have to be so powerful. In the rare case that the armor is destroyed by a reality warper or cosmic being, Juggernaut is also able to summon a new suit at will.


Juggernaut Dripping Wet

The Gem of Cyttorak provides Juggernaut with all the sustenance his body needs. He does not require food, water or air to live, which effectively makes him immortal. This means he never ages and his body never decays. Since he doesn’t need to breathe air, he is able to survive underwater or in space diminishing the number of characters who can fight against him. In addition, he is immune to poisons and diseases. This drastically reduces the number of ways that a character can attack Juggernaut. He will be terrorizing endless generations of heroes in the Marvel Universe unless he is somehow defeated in combat.


Juggernaut Punching

Juggernaut is able to absorb the inertia of others and redirect it. This allows him to send any projectile object that strikes him back in the direction it came. Juggernaut is such a fast and durable villain with endless amounts of strength that it seems strange to also include an I’m-rubber-you’re-glue type of power. While this power would be very effective if harnessed by another villain, Juggernaut can literally turn himself into the scariest weapon on Earth. He has no need to absorb the force of an arrow and send it back where it came from. This interesting ability is wasted on someone as overpowered as Juggernaut.


Juggernaut Energy Absorbtion

Similar to his ability to absorb inertia, Juggernaut can also absorb energy. He is able to then use the energy that he absorbed by turning it into an energy projection of his own. This ability makes formidable mutants like Scarlet Witch and Bishop effectively useless against him. Not only will their attacks be ineffective, but Juggernaut will also be able to use their energy to fuel his own attacks. The ability to absorb energy isn’t too powerful on its own; it is the combination of this power on top of all the others that make this one seem unnecessarily powerful.


Juggernaut Punching Through Space Time

There is no doubting that Juggernaut packs a powerful punch. He is able to strike down any foe with one swing and has even started an earthquake or two by smashing the ground. However, this is not the extent of his punching power; Juggernaut is also able to punch portals into existence. With one right cross, he can tear a hole in space and time, which he can then travel through to wreak havoc on the other side. We do like the idea of Juggernaut being so strong his fists can literally destroy reality, but the strongest and most durable character in the Marvel Universe also having the ability to travel through space and time makes him too powerful.




A power that Juggernaut does not utilize often is his ability to track his foes. The Unstoppable Juggernaut has incredible strength and speed, so when you mix that with the ability to know where his foe will be next, he becomes the ultimate weapon. Juggernaut’s enemies cannot run or hide from him. This power is known to be effective even against beings with super-speed ability, like Quicksilver. It is an incredibly dangerous addition to his already impressive powerset. If Juggernaut wants someone destroyed, it is only a matter of time before he finds them and finishes the job.


Juggernaut Flexing and Yelling

Why does Juggernaut’s entire armor set have immeasurable durability, while his helmet is vulnerable? He doesn’t even need any of the body armor outside of the helmet. His helmet should be the only piece of equipment that is invulnerable. We understand that the character needs to have at least one weakness so that the X-Men can stand a chance, but it seems illogical that the weakest part of his armor protected his only vulnerability, his susceptibility to psychic attacks. If Juggernaut’s helmet was the strongest part of his armor, it would be more difficult to write a story in which the X-Men can escape him, but at least it would be more believable.


Big Juggernaut

As Trion Juggernaut, the red behemoth is also able to alter his physical size. He can grow his body larger than a sentinel when the fight requires it. His incredible level of strength, durability, and stamina are dangerous enough in a somewhat human-sized body that any enemies who have to deal with a 100 foot tall Juggernaut don’t stand a chance. There is a story trope occasionally used in which a villain will show a slight amount of vulnerability, giving the hero a glimpse of hope, but then grow to an enormous size for the final “battle”. This trope is just overkill for Juggernaut. He doesn’t show any vulnerability in his normal size, yet he can grow to 100 feet tall.


Juggernaut Arms Out

For a long time, Juggernaut’s only weakness was psychic attacks. He wore a helmet that acted as his defense against powerful mental strikes. In 2015’s Amazing X-Men #19, Juggernaut voluntarily removes his helmet in the presence of a psychic and declares that all his former weaknesses are gone. At this point, the Juggernaut no longer has a weakness to psychic attacks and therefore, as far as we can tell, has no weakness at all. Did one of the most powerful beings in the universe really need his only vulnerability taken away? He is definitely living up to the name the Unstoppable Juggernaut.


Juggernaut Smashing His FIsts

Along with Juggernaut’s overpowering strength, he also has the power to increase his strength level to whatever he requires. He draws on the limitless power of the Gem of Cyttorak simply by thinking about it, which makes his strength level immeasurable. In one instance he increased his strength level enough to punch out Cyttorak himself. This occurred in Cyttorak’s realm, where  he is considered even stronger than Galactus. This means Juggernaut was able to use the power of the Gem to make himself stronger than the source of that power. He is almost illogically overpowered; it is impossible to measure how high his strength level can get.

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