Quesada's Teasing Secret Marvel Design Project and It Looks Like a New Logo

UPDATE: Quesada's "secret design project" has now been revealed. Rather than a new logo, the design is part of an exclusive collection of Adidas sneakers celebrating Marvel's 80th anniversary. The original article can still be read below.

Joe Quesada -- Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment -- has teased a new secret design project of is. And it looks like the House of Ideas may be getting a brand-new logo at New York Comic Con over the weekend.

In a post to Twitter, Quesada shared part of an image, with the first few letters of Marvel's current, distinct logo being clearly visible. However, in this new design, the word "Marvel" is skewed a bit. Moreover, as opposed to the current design -- which features a solid red rectangular background -- this new version utilizes red and black Ben Day Dots.

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"Been working on a secret design project for the last month," Quesada wrote. "Maybe, just maybe I'll unveil it at NYCC this week." Notably, Quesada is hosting his very own panel at NYCC, titled "Marvel: Cup O' Joe," which will take place on Friday, Oct. 4 at 1:30 p.m.

While the design certainly looks like a new logo for Marvel, bear in mind the possibility still exists Quesada could still throw a curveball, and this new look for the iconic white and red symbol could be part of some grander design. As such, fans eager to see if the New York-based publisher is, in fact, introducing a new logo as we near the turn of the decade, or if Quesada has something else up his sleeve entirely.

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NYCC 2019 runs from Oct. 3 until Oct. 6.

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