Jessica Jones Confronts the Purple Man in Marvel Legacy

Jessica Jones will confront an unwelcome face from her past in an upcoming Marvel Legacy arc by creators Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos.

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Introduced in 2001 in Marvel Comics' Alias, the superhero turned private investigator has solved a number of cases, but her twisted antagonist Zebediah Killgrave was the most memorable. He was so effective that Killgrave, aka the Purple Man, was used as the primary antagonist for the first season of Netflix's Jessica Jones.

Speaking with Syfy Wire, Bendis described the return of the Purple Man as "the big reveal, the head turner" of Jessica Jones #13, which launches the new Marvel Legacy arc.

Jessica Jones #13

In Jessica’s world, this is monumental. "The only thing worse than what the Purple Man did to her originally is the thought of what he could do to her now that she has a child," Bendis continued. "Writing this has been so scary. This is scary stuff. This is psychological horror unlike anything I think I’ve ever seen in mainstream comics. We’ll see what people think."

The current Jessica Jones reunites frequent collaborators, and the character's creators, Bendis and Gaydos. Jessica Jones also appears in The Defenders, also written by Bendis, with art by David Marquez. Both titles continue into the new Marvel Legacy initiative.

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