Marvel Is Teasing the Return of Richard Rider as Nova -- Here's Why You Should Care

When all of Marvel Comics' incoming Marvel NOW! series saw their covers leak last night, there was one image that was more unexpected than any others. Without a title or creative team linked to it, a single image by artist Francesco Mattina was sure to get fans of cosmic Marvel talking. Could Rich Rider be making a comeback?

It seems strange to think the original bearer of the Nova helmet would be making a comeback in 2016. Until very recently, Marvel had to field an endless string of questions about his status at every available opportunity. But from his own solo series to his appearances in "All-New, All-Different Avengers," it seems like current Nova Sam Alexander has finally found his place in the Marvel Universe, and in the hearts of fans.

But for many, Rider is the one and only Nova. Forget the new kid. Forget John C Reilly. The original human to wear the helm remains a lynch pin of Marvel's Cosmic history. So if you're unfamiliar with the history of the Human Rocket, let us be your guide to the history of the man called Nova.

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