Marvel: 5 DC Heroes Iron Man Could Defeat (And 5 He Wouldn’t Stand a Chance Against)

Iron Man has always been one of Marvel Comics' biggest heroes. Over the years, he has accomplished an incredible number of feats, sometimes using just his brilliant mind. Alongside the Avengers, Tony Stark has defeated friends, foes, and even gods. However, for how powerful he is, there are still some characters who could give him a run for his money.

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The DC Universe is home to some incredibly powerful heroes as well. Yet, despite the power in that universe, Iron Man could easily take some of them on. In a face-off between him and the DC Universe, here is our list of 5 DC heroes he could defeat, and 5 he stands no chance against.

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10 Aquaman (Can Beat)

Assuming that the fight takes place above water, Iron Man would have no trouble taking down Aquaman. His sheer amount of firepower and technology alone is easily enough to weaken, disorient, or even cause direct physical harm to the King of Atlantis.

Furthermore, Iron Man is far smarter and more strategic than Aquaman. That’s not to say that Arthur Curry is stupid by any means, but there’s no denying that Tony Stark’s intelligence is vastly superior. Underwater, a brawl between the two would likely play out much differently. Above water though, Iron Man would likely mop the floor with Aquaman.

9 Batman (Can’t Beat)

Like Tony, Bruce Wayne is one of the smartest and wealthiest heroes in his respective universe. However, Bruce’s origin is far darker more tragic than Tony’s, giving him an edge as far as drive and determination are concerned. Throughout his younger years, Bruce Wayne trained his mind and body to be one of the most physically and mentally strong a normal human can get.

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Because of this, Batman has designed some equally devastating technology and suits, some that could rival the many armors of Iron Man himself. However, the true advantage that Batman has is his tactical skills. With a suit of armor of his own, Batman would easily be able to take down Iron Man, simply because he actually knows how to fight. Though the recourse available to both would make it a very close match, Batman has just a bit of extra knowledge to give him a boost over Iron Man.

8 Green Arrow (Can Beat)

Both Tony Stark and Oliver Queen lack any true superhuman abilities of their own. However, Oliver Queen has a reputation for being brash, sloppy, and outright impulsive from time to time. Essentially, Oliver Queen is a dumbed-down version of Tony Stark. Regardless, it is pretty obvious that Iron Man would be able to take down DC’s Emerald Archer.

Simply put, Iron Man outmatches Green Arrow in every way. He has far superior technology which, combined with his immense knowledge, would make him nearly invincible against the likes of Green Arrow. For as good a heart as Oliver has, it’s just not enough to give him the edge he would need to take down Iron Man.

7 Wonder Woman (Can’t Beat)

Wonder Woman is easily one of the most powerful characters in all of DC Comics. As a demigod, Diana has all sorts of magical abilities and equipment at her disposal. Furthermore, she is also one of the most skilled hand-to-hand fighters in all of comics.

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Her incredible strength, durability, and skills make it hard to see how Iron Man could win against her. Furthermore, Diana has the added advantage of superhuman powers on her side, something that Iron Man understands little about. Even with the advanced technology of the Iron Man suit, Tony Stark is no match for the likes of Wonder Woman.

6 Blue Beetle (Can Beat)

Technically speaking, Ted Kord and Tony Stark are pretty evenly matched in regard to intelligence and technological advancements. Over the years, both have produced some of the most insane and advanced technology in their respective universes. However, the thing that gives Tony an edge over Ted is mostly in his personality.

Ted Kord is an incredibly nice and caring guy in the comics. For how smart he is, he isn’t exactly leadership material. Tony, on the other hand, is definitely willing to speak up and do the dirty work when things need to get done. Likewise, the Iron Man suit is far superior to Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle suit, no matter how much tech Ted could bring in to assist him. For as advanced as the two individuals are, Iron Man could squash Blue beetle like a bug, based on personality alone.

5 Superman (Can’t Beat)

Of course, Iron Man would be no match against the likes of Superman. For all the technology and weaponry that Stark has designed over the years, all of it is virtually useless against the Man of Steel. Now, if Tony could acquire some Kryptonite, then things may play out differently, but since the substance doesn’t exist in the Marvel Universe, it is very unlikely that Tony could get some on short notice.

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There’s no doubt that Superman would easily be able to dodge any rocket or bullet that Iron Man could throw at him, and the suit itself is virtually useless as well. Intelligence aside, Iron Man just cannot measure up against Superman.

4 Black Canary (Can Beat)

Black Canary is easily one of the bravest characters that DC has to offer. Her time on the Justice League, the Justice Society, and with Oliver Queen have helped to establish her as one of the most enduring comic book characters. However, no amount of dedication would allow her to win in a fight against Iron Man. Not only is Tony Stark physically and mentally stronger than Canary, but her own metahuman ability is virtually useless against him.

With the ability to let out a devastating “Canary Cry,” Dinah has done some severe physical damage to both people and things. However, the Iron Man suit comes with all sorts of defenses, and it is very unlikely that sound would be too much for it. While Canary’s only hope would be to damage the suit enough, the probability of that happening is almost impossible.

3 Green Lantern (Can’t Beat)

Interestingly enough, Tony Stark may actually be worthy of a Green Lantern Ring himself. He certainly has one of the strongest will powers in the Marvel Universe and, with a personality that seems to be a nice mix between Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner, would likely fit in well among others in the Corp. However, the fusion of science and magic in the Green Lantern Rings is far beyond anything Tony could begin to match.

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The Iron Man suit against a weapon that can literally be anything and runs on the user’s willpower just wouldn’t stand a chance. Any member of the Green Lantern Corp could easily and instantly replicate Iron Man’s defenses alone. Furthermore, they could easily match and surpass Tony’s own firepower. Unless Tony brings a lot of yellow to the battlefield, Iron Man doesn’t stand a chance against anyone with a Green Lantern Ring.

2 Nightwing (Can Beat)

The former Robin has established himself as one of DC’s more popular heroes in recent years. After gaining years of experience under Batman’s wing, Dick Grayson set out as his own, independent crime-fighting persona, Nightwing. However, though Iron Man may have trouble against the Dark Knight himself, going up against Nightwing is a whole other story. Though he may get there eventually, Nightwing is nowhere near Batman’s level in many categories.

He’s not nearly as smart, calculated, or brutal, which already gives Iron Man an advantage over him. Likewise, Grayson alone just wouldn’t be able to do any significant amount of damage to Tony’s suit. With tech and distance, he may stand a chance, but that is also an advantage that Tony has as well, making it all the more likely that Iron Man would take down the young hero.

1 Cyborg (Can’t Beat)

After Batman, Cyborg is likely the closest DC character to Iron Man. Victor Stone, however, is permanently bonded to his suit of armor. Fortunately for him though, he is one of the most technologically advanced and intelligent characters within the DC Universe. In being grafted to a mother box, Cyborg has access to all sorts of information. Furthermore, he can almost instantly hack into any piece of technology.

Because of this, the Iron Man suit would likely be compromised in just a few moments. Though Cyborg isn’t the best hand-to-hand fighter, the technology at his disposal is far more advanced than just about everything Tony Stark has developed. WIth all of these features, it is very hard to see a way in which Tony emerges victorious.

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