Marvel's Iron Fist Fights for the Souls of K'un-Lun (and Rides a Dragon)


Marvel Comics' Iron Fist knows a little something about protecting people from all manner of threats. As a costumed crime fighter and member of the Defenders, Danny Rand regularly takes on the criminal elements that prey upon the citizens of New York. These next few months, though, will test even the limits of the 'Immortal Weapon,' as both a hero and protector of the innocent.

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Danny and his allies, which currently includes former foe Sabretooth, are fighting to protect the citizens of K'un-Lun from an invasion force of exiles with mystically empowered kung fu abilities. That battle comes to a close in February's Iron Fist #77 by writer Ed Brisson and artist Mike Perkins. Then, in Issue #78, Brisson and new artist Damian Couceiro send Danny to a new locale -- Las Vegas -- for an arc that ties into Marvel's mystical mini-event, Damnation.

CBR: In Iron Fist #76, Danny finally made it back to K'un-Lun. You seemed to have a lot of fun with the city and its cast in the issue, especially Sparrow, the Yu-Ti of K'un-Lun. What was it like returning to the fabled city? What do you find most interesting about that place and its people?

EXCLUSIVE: art from Iron Fist #77, by Mike Perkins and colorist Andy Troy

Ed Brisson: We’ve been building to this since the first issue, so there’s a bit of relief that we’re finally there. For me, but really for the inhabitants of K’un-Lun.

I’ve been looking forward to writing K’un-Lun and showing the situation there for a while now. I think it’s interesting to see how they’ve fared after what seems to be non-stop assaults. How, they’re rebuilding and trying to recover when…in comes ANOTHER assault.

Sparrow is a character that I really like. I think that Kaare [Andrews] did a great job of really building her up into someone quite special in his run on Iron Fist: The Living Weapon and I was excited to pick up from there and show her back in her home city, leading the people.

In Iron Fist#77 you bring your current arc to a close with an epic fight between Choshin and the invaders of Liu-shi versus Iron Fist, Sabretooth and the defenders of K'un-Lun. I understand this issue is extra special because it's Mike Perkins final one on the book. What was it like saying good bye to Mike with this issue?

EXCLUSIVE: art from Iron Fist #77, by Mike Perkins and colorist Andy Troy

It was tough. Over the past year and a bit, Mike and I have become pretty close and talk often. Sometimes it feels like we share the same brain. We’re often on the same page in terms of story and are always pushing one another. I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with him on a book that we both love and hope that we get to work together again soon (and often!).

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