Marvel inker Norman Lee goes missing in Cayman Islands

Frequent Marvel Comics inker, artist Norman Lee has gone missing while on vacation in the Cayman Islands.

Boston-area ABC affiliate WCVB filed a report this afternoon about the status of Lee, a resident of nearby town Weymouth. Apparently, Lee and his wife set out on a snorkeling trip this morning from the Reef Resort East End, but about 250 yards from shore the pair became separated. Lee's wife returned to land and filed a report late this morning. As yet, rescue workers have found no sign of the artist.

A frequent name in comics credit boxes over the past two decades, Lee's inking work has appeared in titles ranging from young readers offerings like Mary Jane and Marvel Adventures Avengers on up to recent mainstream hits like Wolverine & The X-Men. The 44-year-old artist was the subject of a local cartoonist newspaper profile last year in The Patriot Ledger where he spoke to his old school commitment to the craft of inking.


"I still do brush and ink and quill," he said. "You can do a form of inking on a computer, but you still need that human touch that you get from a brushstroke or a quill. I don’t knock the new stuff, but I enjoy the way I do it."

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