Marvel's Infinity Countdown Trailer Teases Seismic, Yet Personal, Event

As the might of the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes together for Avengers: Infinity War, the comics are teasing something just as big for its own world with Infinity Countdown.

While the MCU is occupied with bringing Thanos and the Infinity Stones to our screens, Marvel Comics will see those powerful gems in the hands of someone else in a brand new arc. Now, we have a first-look at the trailer for Infinity Countdown ahead of its release.

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Highlighted in the trailer, the Stones aren't just confined to the cosmic realms of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Captain Marvel, Wolverine and Spider-Man all get to toy with the Infinity Stones, and as the video teases, "who will wield them and for what end?" The artwork is showing off some pretty epic battles, and with all these things, we're expecting some pretty big names to kick the bucket — albeit temporarily.


You may remember that the Infinity Stones were seemingly destroyed as a prelude to 2015's Secret Wars event, but the trailer reveals that they have actually been scattered all over the galaxy. We will presumably see how they have come back into existence and what leads our heroes and villains to look for them again.

Marvel editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski is hyping Infinity Countdown, but also reveals his surprising inspiration for the story:

"I was a big fan of Walt Simonson's Thor back in the day, and it had these little hints in every issue that back then before the Internet it was leading up to something we didn't know. It was like a preview, Doom, Doom, Doom. We kind of took some inspiration from that to tell this story, and it's going to be featured in Infinity Countdown leading up to the next event."


Starting in March, the five-issue epic promises to give fans a whole new story, with things that they have never seen in the impressive history of Marvel Comics. While there are only five issues of the miniseries, Cebulski also promises that it will lead to something much bigger. While the Infinity Countdown trailer sadly isn't a new trailer for the Russo Brothers' Infinity War that many were hoping for, it certainly looks like there is enough to keep Marvel fans happy.

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