Latest Marvel Incoming Teaser Warns of a Returning Galactic Threat

Marvel Comics’ latest teaser for the upcoming Incoming event hints at what is likely a returning galactic threat. The teaser is just the latest in a series released by the publisher, all of which have come in the form of puzzle pieces featuring heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe.

This new teaser is one of the most ambiguous so far, depicting the publisher’s signature team, the Avengers, rallied against… a pair of shadowy legs, seen from behind. The owner of said legs is not revealed in the image, but the current going theory is that Incoming will see the return of Korvac.

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The time-traveling cyborg was first introduced in Giant-Size Defenders #3 in 1975. Korvac is a computer engineer born in the year 2977 who eventually becomes half man, half machine. Later on, Korvac achieves godhood, which makes him a bit more of a handful to deal with in a fight.

Overall, the teasers for Incoming have been ambiguous at best, with one assembling villains like the Maker, Magneto and Apocalypse. The teasers have also claimed that the event is a murder mystery, daring readers to decrypt the mysteries of the puzzle pieces before the Avengers can.

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