Marvel's Newest (and Grossest) 'Hulk' Just Died - Horribly!

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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Immortal Hulk #24, by Al Ewing and Joe Bennett, on sale now.

The new, Reginald Fortean-controlled Abomination has been possibly the deadliest version of the iconic Hulk villain yet. With a whole army at his disposal and a dedication to stopping The Hulk that exceeds even Thunderbolt Ross, Fortean has been the villain most intent on finally killing the Jade Giant once and for all.

That's to say nothing of his own strength and acidic breath, which put him on the path of taking the Immortal part out of The Immortal Hulk. In Issue #24, however, Fortean meets his end, facing not one, but two deaths. Much like his gamma irradiated form, neither is pretty.

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The Death of the Abomination

Issue #23 of The Immortal Hulk saw its titular monster fighting against Fortean, and seemingly doing badly. The villain's bile that he spewed from the Face Hugger-like appendages around his normal head affected even the Hulk, eating away at his face. This forced Hulk to rip away his own flesh in an attempt to get angrier, and thus, stronger. Due to the machinations of his anti-Hulk Shadow Base army, Fortean believed that he was now dealing with the simple minded Savage Hulk. Unbeknownst to him, Banner had begun to internally consolidate his various personalities.

The tide of the battle begins to turn in Hulk's favor, even with the continuing damage from the acid spew. An enraged Fortean "accidentally" uses this power on his own men, casually shrugging it off as friendly fire. This causes Shadow Base to abandon Fortean, which only serves to further his rage and decrease his focus. Hulk moves in for a close ranged fight, which results in his taking a direct bath of acid to the face. Unfettered, he holds his grip on Fortean, and apparently kills the new Abomination by crushing his head.

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The (Soul) Death of the Abomination

Fortean awakens immediately after his death, in a Hell for those mutated by gamma radiation. There, he's first greeted by a remorseful Doc Samson, before Brian Banner -- Bruce's demonic father -- maniacally welcomes their new guest. Bruce Banner, having taken the acid breath to the face and dying, also appears, but reminds his father that the Joe Fixit personality is now dominant. Before Fortean can figure out who's behind him, Bruce snaps his soul's neck, permanently ending his threat.

Upon returning to normal consciousness, Hulk has healed from his body's degradation. The same can not be said for the completely dead Fortean, with the Abomination shell that he used to mutate himself now spitting out his lifeless, mangled body. Given the rather permanent way that Bruce got rid of his latest enemy, it's doubtful that he can come back. More unclear, however, is whether the Abomination shell still works, and if so, how it might be used to bring Reginald Fortean back into the fray.

The Immortal Hulk #24 is available now.

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