Marvel, Image Dominate Direct Market's Year End Top Ten Charts for 2014

Diamond Comics Distributors has released its lists of the top selling issues and collections/OGNs for last year, and there's no denying it -- the Direct Market was a Marvel and Image Comics world in 2014.

Announced via The Wall Street Journal, Diamond's top ten best-selling individual issues in 2014 were:

1. Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Marvel)

2. The Walking Dead #132 (Image)

3. Rocket Raccoon #1 (Marvel)

4. Death of Wolverine #1 (Marvel)

5. Death of Wolverine #4 (Marvel)

6. Thor #1 (Marvel)

7. Original Sin #1 (Marvel)

8. Death of Wolverine #2 (Marvel)

9. Death of Wolverine #3 (Marvel)

10. Superior Spider-Man #31 (Marvel)

While DC Comics was the number two publisher overall, Marvel clearly dominated the single issue Top Ten chart -- which saw the "Death of Wolverine" miniseries being the only repeat entry -- Image similarly owned the graphic novel Top Ten in 2014:

1. Saga Vol. 3 (Image)

2. Saga Vol. 1 (Image)

3. The Walking Dead Vol. 20: All Out War, Part 1 (Image)

4. Saga Vol. 2 (Image)

5. The Walking Dead Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye (Image)

6. The Walking Dead Vol 21: All Out War, Part 2 (Image)

7. Sex Criminals Vol. 1 (Image)

8. The Walking Dead Vol. 22: A New Beginning (Image)

9. Batman Vol. 1: The Court of Owls (DC)

10. Saga Vol. 4 (Image)

DC Comics' sole entry on the 2014 Top Ten was for the first volume of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's "Batman" series, which is also notable for being the only series to maintain a monthly distribution number above 100K.

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