Marvel Illustrated: The Three Musketeers #1

Story by
Art by
Hugo Petrus
Cover by
Marvel Comics

A young man's quest for valor, heroics and nobility begins in the latest project from the Marvel Illustrated line. Marvel Illustrated: The Three Musketeers #1 (of 6) by Roy Thomas and Hugo Petrus (the team behind the acclaimed The Man in the Iron Mask adaptation) examines Alexandre Dumas' original courageous epic like never before. It's 1625 and the king of France is searching for members of his elite fighting force known as The Musketeers. Enter d'Artagnan, a young man from the outskirts of France, who has a heart of a lion and burning ambition to become one of the heralded guardians of the Crown. d'Artagnan's road to becoming a Musketeer will not be easy-- the Musketeers are the crème de la crème of the Kings fighting force and d'Artagnan must push himself to the limits if he wishes to join Porthos, Aramis and Althos. But are there darker forces at work threatening the safety of France and its people?

Just how far will our hero push himself? Who is Cardinal Richelieu and what are his true motives? When will d'Artagnan be able to exclaim "All for one and one for all!"? Find out in Marvel Illustrated: The Three Musketeers #1 (of 6)!

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