Marvel Reunites Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends in November

Iceman #3

The classic Saturday morning team of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends are making their return to Marvel Comics in November in Iceman #3.

For the uninitiated, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends was an animated series that aired for three seasons in the early 1980s, teaming the wall-crawler with the X-Men's Iceman and the then-new character Firestar. Their first comic book appearance as a team -- and Firestar's debut -- came in the one-shot tie-in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends #1.

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Since then, Spider-Man and Iceman have largely gone back to business as usual. Meanwhile, Firestar has gone on to carve a legacy of her own, as a member of the X-Men and a founding member of the New Warriors. The solicitation text for Iceman #3, along with W. Scott Forbes' cover, can be found below:

Iceman #3

ICEMAN #3 (of 5)

  • Written by SINA GRACE
  • Cover by W. SCOTT FORBES
  • On sale 11/7/18
  • This November, Iceman’s adventures intensify! Not only does Bobby Drake get to go on a blind date, he also gets to deal with a mad villain…none other than the evil Mr. Sinister!Fortunately, Bobby isn’t alone – he’s getting a little help from his friends. And not just any friends. Some might say these friends are amazing.Join Iceman, Spider-Man, Firestar and more in this extra special, extra amazing issue of ICEMAN #3, hitting comic shops on November ICEMAN #3 hits comic shops on November 7!

The trio would eventually reunite in the prime Marvel universe to celebrate the cartoon's anniversary. However, November's Iceman #3 will mark Spider-Man and His Amazing Friend in their first mainline comic book team-up in over a decade.

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This is sure to catch a lot of people's attention as the team from the old Saturday morning cartoon is likely very near and dear to a lot of fans' hearts, including Iceman's writer Sina Grace. “As a lifelong Spider-Man and X-Fan, I forced C.B. Cebulski to swear he wasn’t kidding when the opportunity to write a Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends team-up happened,” shared Grace. “Expect me to one-up Chip Zdarsky on quips and dynamic action!”

Iceman #3, by Sina Grace and Nathan Stockman, goes on sale Nov. 7 from Marvel.

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