Marvel's Hunt For Wolverine Infographic Teases a New Series

Marvel has released additional details on April's Hunt For Wolverine and its spinoffs, including an infographic that teases an all-new series once the mini-event has concluded.

Hunt For Wolverine is a 40-page one-shot from writer Charles Soule (Death of Wolverine) and artist David Marquez (Civil War II) that will peel back the mystery surrounding Logan's return from the dead.

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“The main goal with Hunt For Wolverine #1 is to set up a huge mystery about the return of Wolverine from the dead," Soule told Marvel.com. "We’ve seen hints, we know he’s around, but how did it happen? What has he been up to? Is the person we’ve been seeing actually Wolverine, or is there something else going on?”

“Wolverine has always been a man of mystery…from his past to his powers, from his motivations to his mortal enemies, every answer has only ever led to more questions," Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski added. "And now, with Wolverine seemingly alive again, his apparent resurrection has people guessing once again. The X-Men want to know how. And why? Is there a reason he has not contacted them? His enemies, who thought they were free of him forever, need to start looking over their shoulders again. And there are plenty of people, both friends and foes, who would have liked to study his adamantium skeleton and his mutant healing factor more closely.”

The infographic above lists the comics that all play a factor in Hunt For Wolverine's larger story, starting with September's Marvel Legacy #1 -- where Logan returned to the Marvel Universe with an Infinity Stone -- and Infinity Countdown Prime #1.

Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost #1-4 by Charles Soule and Matteo Buffagni sees Daredevil assemble a team to investigate Logan sightings across the globe; Hunt For Wolverine: The Adamantium Agenda #1-4 by Tom Taylor and R.B. Silva is a New Avengers reunion as they search for their friend and former teammate; Hunt For Wolverine: The Claws of a Killer #1-4 by Mariko Tamaki and Butch Guice sees Logan's greatest enemies work together to track him down; and Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #1-4 by Jim Zub and Chris Bachalo brings the most important women in Logan's life together to unravel his mystery.

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This is all leading to an unclassified announcement following the one-shot and miniseries. The most likely outcome is the announcement of a new Wolverine ongoing series to firmly cement the mutant's place in the Marvel Universe going forward.

Hunt For Wolverine #1 by Charles Soule and David Marques is on sale April 25 from Marvel Comics.

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