Marvel Unveils New Character Designs for House of X, Powers of X

Marvel Comics is continuing its efforts to build anticipation for writer Jonathan Hickman's tenure on the X-Men franchise by releasing new character designs for House of X and Powers of X.

The six character designs come from Powers of X artist R.B. Silva, and features six characters fans have already been introduced to through cover reveals and preview art. Also, X-Men group editor Jordan D. White has added handwritten notes to each design, providing the perfect tease of what readers can expect when the dual miniseries debut in July.

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First up is a three-headed robot with elongated arms, legs and waist. The purple color scheme could possibly mean this is the next generation of the mutant-hunting Sentinel robots. The design also has a human soldier in a combat costume, which looks similar to S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Could this be an agent of the Office of National Emergency (O*N*E)? White's notes read, "This is perfect. Fans won't realize that [REDACTED] until [REDACTED]."

"Talk to Jonathan about how powers will [REDACTED]" is written by White on the second of Silva's designs. The woman is wearing a flight suit in purple and yellow colors, with her brain exposed by a glass case. The flight suit is very similar to one worn by Rogue and designed by artist Joe Madureira. Rogue donned the suit during a space mission in Uncanny X-Men. As for the big brain, it's possible it belongs to Martha Johansson, aka No-Girl, from Grant Morrison's New X-Men.

Character #3 we've written about on a few different occasions, with the woman wielding Magik's Soulsword, possessing Colossus' ability to turn his skin into metal and having Dani Moonstar's ponytails. White also confirms the Soulsword in his notes, writing, "Soulsword looks great."

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The fourth character design features another robot with physical attributes mimicking the futuristic Nimrod. Both characters have the same shaped head and pink color tones. The only hint from White is, "Do no [REDACTED]."

Silva and Hickman may be pulling another forgotten character from the X-Men's deep bench of mutants, as the character has bluish skin, a bald head and red eyes. On his right cheek is a alien symbol or pattern, which could be a Hickman creation since he does have a background as a graphic designer. "Need to make sure that we never show that [REDACTED] [REDACTED]," White teases.

The last design is the Gambit/Nightcrawler hybrid we've seen in the past. There are Gambit's dark red eyes and a slightly lighter red for his skin tone. Also, there are Nightcrawler's three-fingered hands, tail and trusty sword on his hip. White's final note says, "Can't reveal how [REDACTED] until Powers of X #1."

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All six characters will debut in House of X #1, which goes on sale in July.

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