15 Marvel Heroes Who Would Annihilate Darkseid

As Warner Bros. Entertainment shapes the DC Comics filmverse, aka the DCEU, one of the biggest pieces on the chessboard will be making a move this November in the Justice League movie. Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon will be bringing Apokolips' first wave of attack to Earth, via Steppenwolf, but we all know he's not the big bad behind the scenes. Enter Darkseid. He's DC Comics' biggest villain and in the movies, he's being molded as a final-level boss, especially as we've yet to see anything close to how he will look.

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That said, we know his power-set. We know what he's done in the comics and the heroes he's done it to. Remember when he took Batman off the table? Darkseid is a major player that brings destruction and death to the table but that doesn't mean he's unbeatable. In fact, while DC's finest have taken him on time and time again, Marvel also boasts some iconic figures who can throw down with the devilishly divine dictator. We've seen them take on the likes of Galactus, Doom and Thanos, to name a few. With that in mind, CBR decided to look at 15 of Marvel's mightiest and discuss who could take on and beat the daylights out of Darkseid.

SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for various Marvel Comics!


Sentry is quite a polarizing figure in Marvel Comics. He may not be the most popular (mostly because writers don't seem to have a proper handle on him) but he's quite powerful. It's uncertain if he's the biblical Angel of Death as Brian Bendis wrote in Dark Avengers, or simply overpowered as the superhero identity of Robert Reynolds -- who ingested a super-serum and became a hero. We've seen him rip folks apart, from Carnage to Ares, and take the very strongest version of Hulk to his limits.

He has a split personality though that would be perfect for taking Darkseid out. Known as The Void, this entity has the ability to reshape reality (allowing him to come back from death), alter molecules to mold battles as he sees fit, and he can also inflict endless nightmares into his opponents. These top Darkseid's Omega Sanction and paint Sentry as a godlike figure who is more than powerful enough to take down Darkseid!


Darkseid is a New God but Thor is an old one. The Asgardian prince has fought many enemies of similar strength and power levels, especially on a cosmic scale, so Darkseid should take note of the Odinson. With Mjolnir in hand, Thor can rain down thunder and lightning, and really bring the hammer down on Apokolips' leader. Literally.

There isn't an enemy too big or too fierce for Thor and let's be honest, if Aquaman or Batman can run up against the villain, so can Thor. He's like an amped-up Superman, and when it comes to the fate of the world, he won't be imprisoning Darkseid. Thor knows how to take the kid gloves off, step up to the plate and take Darkseid's head clean off, either with Mjolnir or his enchanted god-killing axe, Jarnbjorn. There's a reason he was originally chosen as being worthy after all, especially when it comes to preserving the realms.


Black Bolt has fought some of the heaviest-hitters in Marvel Comics, such as Hulk and recently, Thanos (in Infinity). What makes him a player big enough to face Darkseid is that he clearly wouldn't be holding back when it comes to unleashing his sonic scream. Also, as king of the Inhumans, he would view Darkseid as another regal threat who wants his throne, and we know how serious Black Bolt gets in such circumstances.

It would be all-out war, and neither King Blackagar Boltagon not his people are in the business of holding back, even against a hell planet and its dark lord. What could make things even worse would be if Black Bolt uses an Infinity Gem. He was part of the Illuminati, safeguarding the Space Gem, and if he used it, he would have the power of a god, putting him on, at very least, equal footing with Darkseid.


The Silver Surfer can harness the Power Cosmic in several ways. This gives him superhuman strength and makes him nearly indestructible. He can also absorb and manipulate the universe's ambient energy and redirect it. He can travel at the speed of light, and at times, we've seen him use powerful mental abilities while also time-traveling, which all show his range. If he can turn on his creator, Galactus, and give him a run for his money, then Darkseid could be a walk in the park.

Throw in his surfboard and Silver Surfer would also make the Kryptonians come off like amateurs. Darkseid has faced a ton of metahumans and superheroes, but he rarely encounters cosmic creatures on his level other than the New Gods. The Surfer is on that level and once he uses his full array of powers, he actually can exceed Darkseid's and kick his stony butt. He may even bring Galactus in to devour Apokolips.


Darkseid has had a tough time when it comes to Kryptonian opposition. One of his most brutal DC beatdowns came at the hands of Superman and Supergirl, which was made into the animated Superman/Batman: Apocalypse movie, influenced by the art of Michael Turner. This makes Hyperion a strong candidate to kick Darkseid's ass because he's basically Marvel's version of Superman.

However, he doesn't pull his punches and is very aggressive. Depending on the version you're talking about, Hyperion can be an anti-hero to a downright villain, and he could end up becoming the dark Superman needed to finally kill Darkseid. If the ruler of Apokolips is expecting compassion and mercy, he would be sorely mistaken because Hyperion has zero chill... except for the one in his icy stare.


Franklin Richards can warp reality, his most famous showcase of which came when he hid heroes in a pocket universe during the Onslaught saga. So great is his power, he's single-handedly taken on Celestials (as seen in the Future Foundation) and also stood toe-to-toe with Galactus, later in life making the devourer of worlds his herald! It's no surprise that Franklin is said to be Earth's most powerful mutant.

With Franklin's power to manipulate reality and molecules, Darkseid would be the underdog as the kid also boasts telepathy, telekinesis, concussive energy blasts, precognition and astral projection. The older he gets, the more cerebral and powerful Franklin becomes, to the point where he may not even be considered a hero, but a force of nature! Darkseid has rarely faced off against such a super-power and he should be wary because Franklin is a weapon of mass destruction on a mental and physical level.


Squirrel Girl has taken on the likes of Doctor Doom, but her biggest accomplishment comes in the form of dropping Thanos. If she can take out the Mad Titan, she can take down another galactic conqueror in the same mold. This should worry Darkseid greatly. If he underestimates her and her army of squirrels, then he should consider himself beaten.

Or she could use her power of friendship and maybe talk Darkseid into submitting to her cuteness. That's how she convinced Galactus not to devour Earth, after all. She has the mental chops for this battle, believe it or not, and if ever there was a David versus Goliath matchup, this would be it. Uatu and Metron would certainly enjoy watching her go up against Darkseid, and make a great audience for what would be a very, very weird fight.


As seen when she went in for the kill in Uncanny Avengers against the Scarlet Witch, Rogue has become quite the Avenger. The X-Man is one of the most tempestuous, badass and powerful entities around because she can absorb other people's abilities which could see her unleash an explosive arsenal on Darkseid. She could became an army of one if she really wanted to and whip Darkseid's cracked, gray butt!

Imagine if she used Captain Marvel's powers, or those of the Hulk, Sentry or Jean Grey! The fact is, she could become any Avenger and X-Man available, making her a bomb with quite the payload. That's not the kind of person Darkseid wants to face because she's as loose a cannon as they come. Given how she recently treated the Red Skull, she has a low tolerance for such despots so Darkseid should best stay away, unless he wants to become part of her collection of powers.


Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme for a reason. He's the master of the mystical arts and Darkseid shouldn't think he's just your average ordinary Constantine or Zatanna. Such magical heroes from DC's corner of the universe rarely go up against Darkseid, but Strange is usually front and center when catastrophe comes to Earth. He can use the Eye of Agamotto or the plethora of spells at his disposal to take Darkseid down.

Strange has dealt with the Infinity Gems as part of the Illuminati as well, so when the time comes for him to take the restraints off, he will do it! He could mind-wipe Darkseid (as he did to Captain America), take him to another realm and trap him there, or use demons and creatures to subdue the tyrant. There are so many cards up his supernatural sleeves.


There's a reason Hulk is the strongest there is! He's gone after the X-Men, the Illuminati and oh yeah, the Avengers! Remember how brutal he was in Planet Hulk as well? Almost everyone in the Marvel Universe knows how much of a destroyer Hulk can be, so if he loses control in the worst way, Darkseid needs to start counting his lucky stars because he'll need all the help he can get. Remember how well Darkseid did against Doomsday? Not very well at all. Expect a repeat performance here.

Hulk can take on DC's finest too and the power he packs usually breaks worlds. Unless Darkseid has that arrow that Hawkeye used to kill Bruce Banner's alter-ego, as seen in Civil War II, he may be out-muscled here. A fully-enraged Hulk would also have no problem crushing and killing Darkseid's Furies and Parademons just to get to him. This green devil isn't to be messed with.


Wanda Maximoff may be an Avenger but when she goes off the rocker, she takes it to the extreme. House of M is a fine example of this, which means she can warp things around Darkseid and lodge him in a version of her own reality. Remember when she whispered "No More Mutants" and de-powered the species? Yeah, she'll forever be seen as a ticking time-bomb.

Darkseid would have to tread carefully around her because apart from these powers, she's got a ton of hexes she can throw his way. He usually battles opponents who aren't able to cause rifts in the universe like this, so if he goes up against the Scarlet Witch, a lot of it will hinge on how un-hinged she is. If she's angry, she could disassemble the very fabric of the villain's reality.


Reed Richards is a universal problem-solver. In fact, he does it on a multiverse scale, too. Richards has a solution for every problem and if there isn't one, he'll build it. Now, if it's the Maker (a.k.a. the Ultimate Reed), Darkseid will face someone just as vile as he is. If it's the mainstream 616 Reed, he could easily wield the Gauntlet, the Ultimate Nullifier, or even a Cosmic Cube to take Darkseid out the picture.

Of course, the most dangerous weapon in Reed's arsenal has always been his keen mind, which he has used over and over to fell intergalactic despots and multiversal masters of evil, much like the lord of Apokolips. Jut as he has done with Doctor Doom in almost all of their battles, or any number of the other threats he has subdued (either singlehandedly or with the FF at his side), Reed inevitably comes out on top, and he would again against Darkseid.


Iron Man has proven to be a genius who can take it to cosmic villains. Writer Brian Michael Bendis even had him join the Guardians of the Galaxy, and honestly, given all the suits and weapons he's created, we're certain he has the technology needed up upgrade the Hulkbuster to make a suit that could pummel Darkseid.

He can even bring his Iron Man battalion to the fray, use arc reactor technology or simply outwit Darkseid as he's done to so many Marvel villains over the years. Tony Stark has also been a member of the Illuminati so if he wanted to add an Infinity Gem in the mix, he conceivably. Darkseid may be smart but no matter the enemy, Stark is usually much smarter. If Batman can rival Darkseid, Iron Man can too!


When Jean Grey became the Dark Phoenix, she showed what it truly was to be the epitome of cosmic chaos. She devoured planets by razing them with her flames and wanted to conquer the galaxy and rule it under the philosophy of order the Dark Phoenix envisioned. However, imagine if she was able to use these powers for good. That said, compassion will have to go out the window against Darkseid.

The Phoenix could obliterate him because it's still one of the most powerful entities to roam the space-ways in the history of comics. Not only was the being telepathic and telekinetic, but given that it was a living, breathing supernova, how could we expect Darkseid to stand up to such power? He already lost to the entity in 1982's The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans crossover, making Jean a clear favorite in a rematch.


Black Panther is another high-level intellect who's right up there with Batman and Iron Man in terms of the not-too-superpowered heroes who can save the universe any day of the week. Batman beat Darkseid in Final Crisis, so you shouldn't underestimate King T'Challa. He's faced Thanos' Black Order, Doctor Doom and a bunch of powerful villains, so you can bet he'll be prepared for Darkseid.

As seen with Secret Invasion, he's fully ready to kill aliens (in this case, Skrulls) and as we witnessed in Secret Wars, Panther can even wield the Infinity Gauntlet. He's destroyed worlds to save Earth, as well, so rest assured, he will use the Gauntlet or all the gems to tame Darkseid. Panther has no problem killing a megalomaniac to protect Wakanda and the galaxy. He's always been about duty after all.

Let us know in the comments which Marvel Comics hero you think can decimate Darkseid!

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