New Dimensions: 20 Marvel Characters Who Draw Power From Alternate Dimensions


The Marvel Universe is full of different dimensions, realities and timelines. Alternate reflections of the main 616 reality, other worlds entirely or even dimensions that exist between the fabric of the multiverse. Everything has its place and in those places, power lurks. Whether a dimension is actively used or tapped into for a user's convenience, many of Marvel's characters can cite other dimensions as the well of their power. Some characters simply have the ability to traverse these dimensions, manipulating them to take shortcuts. There are even realities that are ruled over by powerful beings. While some dimensions are a danger to others, some simply exist ignorant of the existence of others. This can make for some jarring interactions when a reality-hopper lands in their Universe.

Certain zones are extremely dangerous and others are devoid of any life. In the past, some of the more dangerous or deserted dimensions have been used as locations to banish threats to. Whether or not someone can exploit the power of another reality, having access to the multiverse in general is powerful. Organizations are some times set up to explore or even protect the integrity of the multiverse. The Captain Britain Corps, for example, monitor and protect difference universes from their operations hub. In addition to this, races like the Shi'ar and their M'Kraan Crystal can not only survey, but alter other worlds. CBR traverses time, reality and the multiverse to bring you characters whose power comes from these aforementioned dimensions!

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Juggernaut Breaking Out Of The Ground
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Juggernaut Breaking Out Of The Ground

The power to be unstoppable when in motion, and destructive even when stationary is quite impressive. Of all the behemoths in the Marvel Universe, Juggernaut is one of the most imposing. Cain Marko has defeated the likes of Hulk and Colossus in the past, cementing himself among the heavy sluggers.

Dimensions come into how Juggernaut works when you consider his power source. Marko derives his power from the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, a powerful artifact. This artifact was bestowed upon him by Cyttorak, the deity of a dimension known as the Crimson Cosmos. Tasked with sewing chaos, Juggernaut appeases Cyttorak with his rampages.


Ultimate Cyclops

For a long time, Cyclops' optic blasts were not fully understood. It was theorized that they were converted solar energy, and that's not quite true. Cyclops is able to store large amounts of energy in his cells, so solar energy can contribute to that, but not nearly enough as initially though.

Cyclops' eyes aren't actually eyes in the traditional sense. His eyes are more akin to portals, shunting out other-dimensional energy in the form of concussive blasts. His mutation allows him a vast resistance to the energy he stores, which is why he can block its release by closing his eyes.


A veteran and moral pillar to the X-Men, Nightcrawler is one of several mutants who use dimensional travel. On the surface, Nightcrawler appears to disappear and return wherever he chooses instantly. The teleportation is not actually instant, however, as there is more to his mutant ability.

In order to traverse large distances in the primary universe, Kurt momentarily travels to another dimension that runs parallel to his native one. This dimension is ruled by his father, Azazel, and is a hellish landscape. Upon returning, a strong smell of brimstone accompanies Kurt. This is something his teammates have remarked on several times over the years.


Stan Lee Dormammu

A longtime foe of the Avenger's Dr. Strange, Dormammu draws power from his own realm. His dimension is known as the Dark Dimension, as it is a horrifying place to behold. He wasn't the original ruler of the Dark Dimension, but he brought it under his rule after becoming trapped there.

The original ruler, King Olnar, had merged a new dimension to his Dark Dimension and unfortunately for him, it was full of Mindless Ones. These destructive being ravaged the Dark Dimension, destroying Olnar in the process. Dormammu, who was trapped forming a barrier to try and stop the beings, eventually learned to coexist with, and even control the Mindless Ones.


Mephisto is the Marvel Universe's equivalent of the devil. Though Satan himself also exists within the Marvel Universe, Mephisto is far more notorious. His native dimension gives the king of Hell untold power, but only while he remains there. This does not stop him from meddling with the world above, though.

Responsible for the Ghost Riders across the multiverse, Mephisto has made quite a name for himself. Granted, his reputation is anything but good, but as the king of a Hellscape, he enjoys the infamy. Mephisto has tried to bring Hell to Earth several times, so he can enjoy his incredible power outside of his home dimension.


America's very existence revolves around dimension and the travelling between them. She herself is part of a race of beings from a Utopian Parallel dimension. Her people are charged with protecting the integrity of realities across the multiverse. America is able to traverse the realities available by using star shaped portals.

She can also take passengers with her through her portals, making her a valuable asset. Her abilities have allowed her stints on some of the Marvel Universe's most promising teams. Starting out as a Young Avenger, she eventually got called up to The Ultimates, alongside the likes of Captain Marvel and Black Panther.


AoA Blink

Blink has an interesting power, she is able to create warps in space-time that act as tears to teleport through. While this power isn't derived from another dimension, it does allow for dimesnional utility. During her time on the Exiles, she is shown to travel across multiple dimensions and worlds, user her powers.  On one occasion, she attempted to defeat a villain known as Harvest with her warp teleportation.

She was caught in the warp of one of her daggers as it initiated the tear. While the act tore Harvest to pieces, defeating them, Blink did not suffer the same fate. She was sent into an unidentified dimension of darkness, which she resided in, lost and desperate until rescued by Selene of the Hellfire club.


Illyana Rasputin uses a dimension known as Limbo to draw her magical power forth. Not only does she utilize this realm of demons, but she's their ruler. She can command the denizens of Limbo to drag people inside. Her command of the occult and her altered soul give power to her blade, the Soul Sword.

To add to this, Illyana can use Limbo as a stopgap for teleportation and teleport others alongside her. In the Inhumans Vs. X-Men arc, Magik was able to teleport the entire X-Mansion to Limbo. From there, she was able to hide the mansion from detection and protect it from the demons  who reside within.


Spider-Verse Inheritors

The Inheritors gain their power from dimensions via a particularly freaky method. While they draw power from consuming all animal totems, they find spider-based totems to be the most nourishing. Although, there are only a finite number of totems in each dimension, no matter how big that universe is.

In order to give themselves a better source of food and in turn, power, they set about hunting across different realities. Morlun was the first to encounter Peter Parker of Earth-616, his family would arrive to plague the multiverse soon after. To make matters worse, they clone their bodies in a separate dimension so they can return again and again.


Otto Octavious is a brilliant man, but even he needs some back up now and then. With the inheritors using dimensions for their nefarious plots, so too must Otto. In both Spider-Verse and the more recent Spider-Geddon, Superior Spider-Man has needed to traverse dimensions for more firepower.

Favoring Spider-heroes with a questionable moral compass, Otto amassed a Spider-Army on two separate occasions. Finding the value of hopping from dimension to dimension, he utilized them offensively and defensively during his conflicts with the Inheritors. He even re-purposed their inter-dimensional cloning technology after their first defeat, though its use would lead to their unwanted return.


The son of the Fantastic Four members, Sue and Reed Richards, Franklin is an incredibly powerful mutant. He has shown to have developed his mutation quite early by regular mutant standards. What makes him so powerful is that he has the ability to manipulate reality and the multiverse, with enough practice.

Franklin has been shown to have command over time and space, including the dimensions falling under those umbrellas. He's brought The Thing back to life, made Galactus his herald and his future self has traveled up and down the timeline. He has also spent some time creating new realities and dimensions, alongside his father, following Secret Wars.


While she doesn't always draw power from an alternate dimension, Wanda was able to grant both her and her family wealth and status by manipulating reality to form what she believed to be a favorable reality. This occurred during the House of M story and she created a world where Magneto ruled.

Spiraling after the loss of her children, she wanted to try and make her remaining family happy. It would all come crumbling down, and that's when things got even worse. The House of M dimension showed her her true power, and with it she lashed out and nearly wiped out the entire mutant population with three words: "No more mutants."


Owen Reece, aka Molecule Man, is an extremely powerful being. His control over the very matter of the universe he inhabits is a power that is almost boundless. Though a Molecule Man exists in nearly every universe, the influence one Owen has is not limited to their native dimension. During Secret Wars, Molecule Man was responsible for being the conduit for the Beyonders' power, which had been stolen by Doom.

Using the power, Doom was able to create his own dimension known as Battleworld. Drawing dimensional power from the multiverse, Molecule Man had the power to grant anyone omnipotence. He would later grant his siphoned power to Reed Richards, following Doom's defeat.


Annihilation Nova Iron Man Captain America

Nova was one of the cosmic heroes who arrived to help fight the denizens of the Cancerverse in The Thanos Imperative. The alternate dimension, where death itself has perished, only holds parasitic, eldritch reflections of 616 beings. A tear in the universe allowed for their entrance to the 616 universe, and the tear couldn't be closed.

Nova, Star-Lord and Thanos trapped themselves in the Cancerverse with a Cosmic cube, hoping to seal the fault. Richard gave his life and used the cube to send Star-Lord and Thanos back to the living universe. Richard would return years later, with the power of the Cancerverse lurking inside of him.



Kobik is what you get when a S.H.I.E.L.D. experiment on a Cosmic Cube goes wrong and gains sentience. The issue with this particular sentient Cosmic Cube developed a mind similar to that of a child. This meant Kobik was easily influenced, something Red Skull would eventually learn and manipulated.

Kobik's influence over reality allowed her to manipulate the world around her. Red Skull had her change Steve Rogers' past to align him with Hydra, among other things. When scared, she would retreat to a pocket dimension and was shown to have stored the actual Steve Rogers' conscience in yet another dimension that he had to fight out of.


Cable Depowered

Cable is no stranger to other worlds and dimensions. Nathaniel Summers has managed to survive while travelling through many possible futures and realities. His resourcefulness and ability to always map out an exit strategy makes for a tenacious adversary. His experience and adaptive work was part of the reason he was entrusted with protecting Hope Summers.

Not only did he survive jumping through time and realities with Hope as she grew up, he was able to instill his knowledge in her. His techno-organic virus, while potentially fatal, has also been shown to allow him to hold open dimensional portals physically.


Kang the conqueror

Not only does Kang have the ability to traverse time and realities along it, he has his own sanctuary outside of time. Plaguing the Avengers for years, in more ways than one, he's got technology from all time periods. To make things more confusing, the Avengers have encountered Kangs from all points in his life, not all of whom were villains.

Immortus is Kang the Conqueror, Iron Lad is also Kang the Conqueror, time makes things very confusing in the Marvel Universe. Regardless of the confusion, Kang's access to the realities and dimensions along time affords him a near endless well of resources. He almost stole the power of a Celestial with a carefully articulated time-plot once.


Daimon Hellstrom

Daimon should be a villain, by all rights. Being the son of Satan, you wouldn't expect him to be the nicest guy. However, both he and his sister have long since rejected their father's wants and motives.  Regardless, Hellstrom still draws his power from the hell dimension his father resides over, not to be confused with the Hell Mephisto rules.

Daimon has helped hold back demonic forces on several occasions, lending his expertise where necessary. He helped Dr. Strange prevent the expansion of Mephisto's realm in Circle of Four and helped prevent a war between Heaven and Hell as part of a team known as the Spirits of Vengeance.


Bastion joe madueria

An unholy union between a Nimrod and Master Mold sentinel, Bastion is one of the most powerful enemies the X-Men have had to deal with. Being part Nimrod sentinel, he has access to technology that is adaptive and far beyond most modern weaponry. That technology includes portals to an alternate future, where sentinels have subjugated Earth.

We see Bastion use this dimensional technology during the X-Men: Second Coming arc. Bastion uses the portals to bring an army of futuristic Nimrod sentinels to battle the X-Men. The worst part for the X-Men is that the power source for the portal is in the future it's linked to!


Honey Lemon

Honey Lemon is a member of Japan's premiere superhero team, Big Hero 6. She herself does not have the power to manipulate or traverse dimensions, however. She does rely on dimensional power while on mission, though, through technological means. Honey Lemon carries around a bag known as the Power Purse.

Though the design is often depicted differently, the use of the purse remains the same. The Power Purse contains a portal to a mysterious pocket dimension where she can store things. This dimension gives Aiko great utility and she can pull just about anything she likes out of it!

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