Marvel: 10 Heroes That Movies & TV Still Haven't Got Right

Marvel movies, as a whole, have done a great job of bringing characters to life. Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Robert Downey Jr. are almost spot-on duplicates of their comic book characters. It is virtually impossible to think of Wolverine without thinking of Hugh Jackman, and Patrick Stewart is Professor X. However, this does not mean that every Marvel hero and villain has received the same honor.

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Many heroes and villains still haven't gotten their characters from the comic books right. This fact is even true in the cases of those who were favorably received. While fans don't mind some alterations to the heroes from the comics, it would be nice to see more accurate portrayals in the future. Here are 10 characters from Marvel movies that they still haven't got right.


There have been two opportunities for the movies to get Quicksilver right on the big screen. This is because both Marvel and Fox had the rights to the character. However, only one of those ended up as a great character, and it wasn't the one in the MCU.

While the X-Men version of Quicksilver was a highlight of the movies he appeared in, he was in no way Quicksilver from Marvel Comics. Quicksilver is a complete jerk who makes his father Magneto look like a saint, and that character has never shown up in a Marvel movie properly.


Netflix did a lot of good when it came to their Marvel street-level heroes. However, when it came to Iron Fist, things went wrong on several levels. First, non-comic book fans had no idea who Iron Fist was, and many protested that he wasn't Asian, which would have made it Shang Chi and would have eliminated the connection with Luke Cage.

However, worse was that is the fact that Finn Jones was just not what Marvel fans foresaw when it comes to Danny Rand. Sure, by the time Luke Cage season 2 rolled around, Danny was better, and the second season of Iron Fist was improved, this still wasn't Iron Fist from the comics.


Fox had not one but two chances to do the Fantastic Four right. The first change got a little bit of it right, especially with Chris Evans as The Human Torch. However, there was something off about the First Family of Marvel in those first two movies, and it never felt right.

The Fantastic Four are explorers, but the first two movies had them as a little too generic. Then, Fox tried again and ended up with one of the worst-rated Marvel movies ever made. The cast was universally wrong when it came to their comic book counterparts, and even if looking at Ultimate Marvel Comics, it still didn't work.



ABC proved that they could do Marvel right with both Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter. However, a majority of the fans hated what ABC did with The Inhumans. There were some good things about the ABC series, with Black Bolt looking great and Lockjaw a fun addition.

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However, as a whole, The Inhumans were not the regal family that ran Attilan. Maximus was a nice villain as the show tried to create an almost Game of Thrones vibe, but the characters in general disappointed anyone who was fans of the Royal Family.


Stan Lee Silver Surfer

There were two great things about Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. The first was the fantastic animation design, which didn't quite make up for the horrific design of Galactus. The second great thing was Doug Jones, a guy who can portray almost anyone masterfully.

However, outside of the look, this was an inferior version of Silver Surfer and did not bring any of the pathos and pain that makes Norin Radd so great. Silver Surfer is one of the most powerful superheroes in the entire Marvel Universe, and he is not what Fox portrayed him as in that movie.


movie doctor doom

Sure, he's not a hero, but there were hopes that Legion creator Noah Hawley would bring us a Doctor Doom movie that delivered the Marvel Comics character fans love to hate. With Marvel back in control of the character, that is less likely to happen now.

Just like the Fantastic Four, there have been two chances to get it right. While Julian McMahon had the arrogance of Victor Von Doom, he just wasn't the formidable Fantastic Four villain that fans deserved. Don't even start on his portrayal in the 2015 Fantastic Four movie because that was an embarrassment.



Honestly, there was little to like about X-Men Origins - Wolverine. Liev Schreiber was fantastic as Sabretooth, although he was nothing like the Marvel Comics character. Taylor Kitsch was also pretty good as Gambit, although long-time fans of the character hated it.

There was a chance that Gambit could get his own movie, but even with a superfan like Channing Tatum championing the film, his starring role was not what fans wanted to see either. There has never been a truly accurate portrayal of Gambit in the Marvel movies.


X-Men First Class Emma Frost White Queen

Emma Frost has appeared in the X-Men movies and has never really been Emma Frost. In X-Men: First Class, at least Matthew Vaughn put her in the Hellfire Club, which is where she started in the comics. However, outside of her wearing lingerie and at one point turning into diamond form, she was a terrible interpretation of Emma Frost.

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She didn't have the arrogance and swagger of Emma, and that was the biggest crime. She was just a lackey. X-Men Origins - Wolverine tried to give fans Emma Frost, but they failed miserably as well. They simply didn't pull off how complex she really is.



Doc Samson appeared on The Incredible Hulk, and while everyone loves Ty Burrell, this was Dr. Leonard Samson in name only. Samson, in the comics, is a brilliant scientist, but he is also a big, muscular gamma-radiated superhero with green hair.

All Doc Samson was in The Incredible Hulk was a guy named Dr. Leonard Samson. Honestly, there was nothing here that even remotely looked like Samson, and it was just lip service for the name drop.


Nic Cage came into the Ghost Rider franchise wanting to bring the character to life. Cage has always been a huge comic book fan, and he had a real love for Ghost Rider. While Ghost Rider looked cool and had some of his better traits, like the Penance Stare, Cage was in no way a good actor to portray Johnny Blaze.

There is some argument that Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. did the character of Robbie Reyes right, and he was a pretty cool addition to the show. However, the original Ghost Rider of Johnny Blaze was done wrong in two straight movies starring the character.

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