5 Marvel Heroes That Are Inferior To Bane (& 5 Who Are Still Stronger)

Since his introduction, Bane has been one of the few villains who can challenge Batman on both a physical and mental front. Not only was he able to deduce that Bruce Wayne is, in fact, Batman, but Bane also managed to completely break Batman physically. Since then, he has popped up here and there to cause more trouble for the Dark Knight. More recently, Bane has unveiled a master plan to take everything from Batman.

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His combination of brute strength and high intelligence easily makes him one of Batman's deadliest foes. However, despite Bane’s talents, he still isn’t the strongest or smartest character in the DC Universe. Furthermore, Bane is in the same situation when it comes to characters from the Marvel Universe. To see how he compares, here is our list of 5 Marvel heroes Bane is stronger than, and 5 who are still stronger than he is.

10 Spider-Man (Bane is Stronger)

Spider-Man Mark Bagley

Even with the enhanced strength of a spider, Spider-Man just isn’t as strong as compared to the likes of Bane. Though Spider-Man is far from weak, Bane is just that much stronger. In the past, Spider-Man has been shown to lift a very impressive amount, including the famous scene in which he lifts thousands of pounds of rubble off his back.

Due to Bane’s use of the drug, Venom, he can actually grow stronger the more he uses. Because of this, Bane has demonstrated far more impressive feats of strength than the Web-Head has. Though it is unlikely that Bane would be able to actually beat Spider-Man in a fight, it doesn’t change the fact that he is still stronger than the Wall Crawler.

9 Thing (Bane is Weaker)

Thanks to the unique alterations to his DNA, Ben Grimm has since been one of Marvel’s strongest heroes. Though he isn’t the strongest one out there, he has still accomplished a great deal during his time with and without the Fantastic Four. Despite his rough exterior, the Thing can actually be hurt and has been many times in the past.

However, he is still far more durable than Bane is. Likewise, Thing’s enhanced strength is much more natural than Bane’s and doesn’t vary over time. While Bane may be able to land a few punches on the Thing, Thing is still far more likely to win based on strength alone.

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8 Beast (Bane is Stronger)

Like Bane, Beast is highly intelligent and easily one of the smartest people in the Marvel Universe. Though Bane isn’t anywhere near as smart as Beast is, the two are both excellent strategists in their own right. Unfortunately for Beast though, Bane has him beat in terms of raw power.

While Beast himself is incredibly strong, he just doesn’t quite match Bane in terms of strength. Since both characters are close-range combatants, it is also very likely that Bane would be able to beat Beast in a one-on-one. Granted, with Beast’s vastly superior intellect, it would still be a fairly close fight.

7 Thor (Bane is Weaker)

Especially with his godly abilities at his side, Thor is far stronger than Bane could ever hope to be. Even without Mjolnir at his side, Thor’s basic genetic makeup makes him immensely stronger than the average human. Therefore, with Bane relying on external drugs to boost his strength, it is very apparent that Thor is the stronger of the two.

Though Bane is arguably smarter than the God of Thunder, Thor’s strength alone is enough to put Bane down. No matter how much Venom Bane induces, he will still be weaker than Thor at his weakest.

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6 Captain America (Bane is Stronger)

Though he may not be the fastest, smartest, or strongest person in the universe, Steve Rogers still fights for what is right, making him one of Marvel’s best heroes. Unfortunately, his enhanced abilities aren’t near enough to match Bane’s own strength. Even without Venom, Bane is incredibly strong. While he wouldn’t be able to match Captain America’s strength without the assistance of the drug, he is still a great fighter and a very well-built man.

Furthermore, once Venom is factored into his system, Bane grows far stronger than Cap could hope to match. Despite his enhanced skills and infinite bravery, Captain America would have to rely on far more than his abilities if he hopes to survive an encounter with Bane.

5 Iron Man (Bane is Weaker)

Without Venom, Bane would still be strong enough to take down Tony Stark without his suit. With the Iron Man armor though, Tony Stark is far stronger than Bane. Thanks to the incredible advances that Tony has made to his suit, he is able to go far beyond Bane’s own strength, even if Bane uses Venom.

As Iron Man, Tony Stark has accomplished some impossible feats in terms of strength. Furthermore, with suits like the Hulkbuster Armor at his disposal as well, it is really hard to see any way in which Bane is stronger than Iron Man.

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4 Black Panther (Bane is Stronger)

T’Challa is one of the most effective and politically powerful Marvel characters around. With a surplus supply of Vibranium, a wealth of advanced technologies are available at Black Panther’s disposal. However, despite the advanced Vibranium tech as well as his own superhuman enhancements, Black Panther is still not as strong as Bane. Since the Vibranium doesn’t actually enhance Panther’s strength directly, he must rely on his abilities alone.

Because of this, Bane is definitely stronger than Black Panther. Yet, that doesn’t mean that Panther would lose. Vibranium itself is one of the strongest metals in the Marvel Universe and is almost impossible to puncture. Though Bane may be stronger than Black Panther, Black Panther is far more durable than Bane could hope to be.

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3 Juggernaut (Bane is Weaker)

Thanks to his mutant ability, Juggernaut is easily one of the strongest beings in the entire Marvel Universe. Not only can nothing virtually stop Juggernaut, but he has even been shown to be capable of swinging entire buildings.

Unfortunately for Bane, he hasn’t been shown to be anywhere near as strong as Juggernaut. In this case, Bane is actually far smarter than the mutant, but in a one-on-one brawl between the two, Juggernaut's strength alone would undoubtedly give Bane an incredibly difficult time.

2 Luke Cage (Bane is Stronger)

Despite being more of a smaller-scale hero, Luke Cage has still played a very important role in Marvel’s New York City. With superhuman strength and impenetrable skin, Luke is one of the strongest heroes residing within Hell’s Kitchen. With that in mind, he still isn’t as strong as Bane is.

For all of Luke’s incredible feats of strength, it seems as though Bane has been able to top him. Like Black Panther, Luke Cage is also far more durable than Bane, but the villain is easily far stronger than the hero in this case.

1 Hulk (Bane is Weaker)

Hulk is often regarded as “The Strongest One There Is.” With his powers being tied to his emotions, it makes sense that Hulk’s strength would continue to grow at times. Those who have read the World War Hulk storyline know that Hulk was once so mad, a single step nearly decimated all of Manhattan. For such an incredible display of power as that was, Bane hasn’t done anything remotely close to it.

Furthermore, Hulk is virtually impervious to all external forms of harm, meaning that Bane would only make him angrier the longer their fight would go. As a result, Bane would easily be pulverized by the Hulk, no matter how much Venom is in his system.

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