10 Marvel Characters & Where They Fit On The DC Lantern Emotional Spectrum

The Emotional Spectrum is a source of great power in the DC Universe. Unintentionally created by all the sentient beings in the universe, seven unique forms of energy were harnessed and assigned to different colors. The most familiar of the spectrum to comic book fans is green/will, which powers the Green Lantern Corps. The other six color/emotion combinations are all used by comparable groups and individuals.

During Blackest Night, Ganthet, one of the Guardians of the Universe, uses his power to essentially deputize other DC heroes and villains with different colored rings to fight the Black Lanterns. But that's the DC Universe. You can't help but wonder where different Marvel Universe heroes and villains fit on DC's Emotional Spectrum, which we find out in this list.

10 Hulk

The Red part of the spectrum is powered by rage and anger, and so is The Incredible Hulk. As the old saying goes, the angrier Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets, and a Red Lantern ring would be the ultimate rage-induced enhancement.

The Red Lantern rings are attracted to individuals who have experienced rage, allowing them to use the power of the red light. It has been known to turn anyone who wields its might into an unthinking beast that only brings destruction. Hulk, a monster powered by rage, would be catnip to the Red Lanterns.

9 Kingpin

Orange is powered by greed and by avarice, and no one in the Marvel Universe is as greedy as the Kingpin of Crime. He wants control. He wants wealth. He wants power. The Kingpin wants as much as he can get his hands on and he wants it all for himself.

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Those that fully give themselves over to greed and avarice will receive the power of the Orange Lantern, which allows the wearer of the ring to steal the identities of their enemies and use them to create orange constructs to fight for them. As powerful as the Kingpin is, having an army of energy based warriors at his disposal would take him to another level.

8 Carnage

The ability to instill fear in your opponents at the very mention of your name is a potent one, and no one does that as well as Carnage.

The mind of a sociopathic serial killer combined with a powerful, shape shifting symbiotic suit makes him a formidable and frightening adversary for anyone. Yellow rings are powered by fear and are attracted to those who instill it in others. Imagine Carnage wielding the power of a Yellow Lantern ring. The only problem for Sinestro as the leader of Yellow Lanterns would be getting him to follow orders, though he would be effective at crushing all opposition.

7 Elektra

Green Lanterns are the best known beneficiaries of the Emotional Spectrum. Powered by will, the Guardians of the Universe built the Central Battery to power the Green Lantern Corps and protect the universe. There are few who match the iron will of Elektra.

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A talented combatant almost without equal, Elektra has taken on and defeated enemies far more powerful than herself on numerous occasions through the force of her indomitable will. She has clawed her way back from the grave to continue the fight, making her one of the most feared fighters in her world.

6 Captain America

No one on the Avengers could be considered a greater beacon of hope than Captain America. Blue power rings are powered by hope, and are drawn to those with the ability to instill hope for the future in others.

From fighting the Nazis in World War II to fighting Hydra now, Captain America has spent decades bringing hope to everyone around him. Even when he was sealed in ice, people found hope in his story. He is the core of the Marvel Universe, inspiring and leading heroes to fight for a a better future. He is definition of a Blue Lantern.

5 Luke Cage

No superhero has put as much of himself into the effort to clean up New York like Luke Cage, though that might seem counter intuitive since he has been known to run a company called Heroes for Hire. Don't let his tough shell fool you; inside, the man is a real softy.

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Luke cares deeply about his wife and child, his friends and the people of New York. He is filled with compassion, the emotion that fuels the Indigo Lanterns. But he also would be able to push past some of the negative elements that come with the Indigo ring, like being forced to only see the universe their way.

4 Spider-Man

Generally speaking, the power of the Violet light has only been held by women, specifically the Star Sapphires, but Spider-Man is still a strong contender to join their ranks. The Violet light can be wielded by an individual who has been touched by love, either capable of experiencing it or having lost it.

No one fits that criteria more than Spider-Man. He has lost many of his closest loved ones, and those that haven't left him or died have suffered greatly due to his life as a superhero, both directly and indirectly. Plus, he's used to being manipulated by a parasitic force that messes with his thoughts. It would be like coming home for him.

3 Captain Marvel

captain marvel carol danvers

The White light is made of all other colors in the spectrum, offering those that wear its ring incredible power derived from life itself. That power would be used effectively by Captain Marvel.

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Though her abilities have gone through several changes and updates, Carol Danvers has carved out a place for herself as one of the Avenger's top heroes. Her life, training and abilities have put her in a position where she is capable of wielding such power. While the White Lantern rings can overwhelm the people who hold them, Captain Marvel's cosmic experience would hopefully make her an effective holder of such a ring.

2 Thanos

No one would make a better Black Lantern than Thanos. Black is the absence of color and emotion, so technically it doesn't rest on the Emotional Spectrum. It is powered by death itself and has the ability to conscript the dead or previously dead as Black Lanterns, and no one appreciates death like Thanos.

He loves death, going so far as to kill half the universe to impress the personification of it. He's even been dead a few times, making him the perfect Black Lantern. The big issue for whoever's in charge of the Black Lanterns is that Thanos would be after his or her job pretty quickly.

1 Legion

Legion presents an interesting conundrum for anyone trying to draft the Marvel Universe into aspects of the Emotional Spectrum. The son of Professor X, David Haller is one of the most powerful mutants in existence, possessing hundreds of different powers. The problem is that each one of those powers is controlled by a different personality.

Some are good, some are bad and some are truly horrifying. Which lantern ring would seek Legion out would be dependent on which persona was in charge at that moment. There's also a chance that each one of the rings would choose him at the same time, giving him the power of all of them. There's no way that ends well.

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