10 Heroes Hawkeye Likes (And 10 He Cannot Stand)

Hawkeye has been a hero in the Marvel Comics Universe for quite a while now. He's seen just about everything there is to see and fought some of the most powerful villains around. This isn't too bad for someone who isn't as super-powered as most of his Avengers peers. His skill and accuracy with a wide variety of weapons has solidified him as one of the most seasoned heroes around. Though he favors his bow as his weapon of choice, there is more to Clint than that. Though a competent hero in a solo capacity, Clint has spent a lot of time on super-teams. Not only has he been party to several Avengers teams, he has led a few teams himself.

Being around so many other heroes, Clint has had exposure to all kinds of people. Some of the superheroes he's worked with have become his closest friends. Other heroes he's come into contact with have left a bad taste in his mouth. By virtue of his often abrasive attitude, he has even undermined leaders of teams he has been in, in the past. Hawkeye has filled many roles for his fellow heroes, from mentor to teammate and even husband. Clint has even had to work alongside some people he simply cannot stand, putting the common goal above his personal feelings. With all that to consider, CBR looks at who raises Clint's game and who raises his ire.

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Black Widow and Hawkeye are mentioned in the same breath a lot of the time. This is because they work so well together that their synergy is notorious. They've shared several relationships with one another, being friends, lovers, teammates and even enemies. Trained in espionage, the duo have been wrapped up in international intrigue all over the globe.

Whether it is on the Avengers, a clandestine assignment from S.H.I.E.L.D. or the Secret Avengers, the duo always seem to click. This bond between the two former spies has even been portrayed as a longstanding and meaningful friendship in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



When Norman Osborn replaced the Avengers with his Dark Avengers, he needed a Hawkeye. Who else to better fill a villainous version of Clint's boots than the ever-accurate and nefarious Bullseye? The sadistic villain quickly set about destroying the reputation of the mantle with brutal and heavy-handed heroics in the guise of justice.

Clint didn't take kindly to the affront, and did his best to maintain his heroics under the Ronin persona. The rivalry between the two marksmen was already deep enough, but to see the evil Bullseye wearing his costume was a little too much for Clint to stomach.


Although he wouldn't like to admit it, Clint shares a lot of traits with Steve Rogers. One of the things both he and Captain America saw, was the value of Flash Thompson. Following impressing the Star Spangled Avenger, Agent Venom was placed on Hawkeye's Secret Avengers team, to supplement their precision.

Flash proved himself to be an excellent addition to Clint's team, despite Clint not knowing much about the hero at the team's inception. Agent Venom proved crucial in the Secret Avengers' struggle against Father and his android nation, earning the respect of the Avengers' resident marksman in the process.


Though there is a definite mutual respect between Steve Rogers and Clint Barton, their working relationship has often been difficult. The issue is that Clint usually thinks he knows better than Cap. Whenever Captain America outlines a plan, the first person to voice any criticism is usually Clint. It isn't to be obstructive, however, as Hawkeye often has alternative suggestions.

With Steve's more straight-laced mind and Clint's more liberal approach to tactics, there are problems. However, Hawkeye is one of the few people who can wield Cap's shield to its proper effectiveness, though he once turned down the shield when he was offered it.


Deadpool 2

Given how abrasive Clint can sometimes be, and how short his temper can be, you'd think he'd hate Deadpool. Putting these two in the same space is a recipe for disaster on paper, but their working together is an exercise in both empathy and understanding. The pair found themselves to be surprisingly cohesive when working alongside each other.

After Clint had temporarily lost his hearing after being stabbed in the side of the head, he found crime fighting difficult. He encountered Deadpool in one outing, and after Wade found out Clint was deaf, he decided to help. Surprising Hawkeye, Wade revealed he knew sign language, and used it to help the archer carry out his duties.


Scarlet Witch animated

Although Clint and Wanda have been on the Avengers for about as long as each other, their relationship all but broke down. During Wanda's breakdown, that set in motion the events of Avengers: Disassembled and later House of M, Wanda took Clint's life twice. In the first instance, Clint sacrificed himself to blow up a Kree warship that was attacking New York.

This turned out to be a fabrication, a side effect of Wanda's reality altering powers going haywire. Clint returned during House of M, enraged at the damage Wanda had done to him and his friends. Wanda turned him to cubes, though he would later be revealed to not have been eliminated. Since then, he has been mistrustful of the Scarlet Witch.


Hawkeye and Wolverine have shared a mutual respect and familiarity for a while. The two became even better friends while working on the Avengers together following his return under the mysterious Ronin guise. However, the two would come to depend on one another in the far future.

In on potential future, both Logan and Clint are old men in a world where villains have won. Logan’s age has hampered his healing factor and the toxic adamantium inside of him is draining his life force. Clint has lost his sight, no longer able to fully utilize his accuracy. The two friends help each other nonetheless, fighting to survive the wasteland.


Emma Frost has a talent for rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. Peering into their mind uninvited, being condescending or just plain sadistic, Emma is rarely in the business of making friends. When she acquired the power of the Phoenix Force, she got even more detrimental to those around her.

During Avengers Vs. X-Men, Clint and his fellow Avengers were tasked with finding Hope Summers. Believing her to be the key to the Phoenix and the rebirth of mutantkind, Emma sought to stop them. She punished Clint in particular, burning him severely in one of the many battles of the event.


Captain America The Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes

Clint's main interactions with Bucky came following Civil War. Initially suspicious of the former soviet operative, Clint came to understand the value of Bucky Barnes, and even come to call him a friend. After Captain America lost his life after the Civil War event, Clint was offered his shield but turned it down.

Being Steve Rogers' oldest friend, Bucky took up the shield and the mantle of Captain America. Hawkeye didn't like this, as for all his problems with Cap, he felt no one could fill his role. Bucky would prove Clint wrong, impressing the archer and winning him over. The two fought alongside one another until Bucky's unfortunate end as Captain America in the Fear Itself arc.


Norman Osborn Iron Patriot

When Norman Osborn seized nefarious control over the United States during Dark Reign, he replaced Clint. Not only did Clint have a problem with being replaced by Bullseye, but he had fundamental issues with Norman Osborn himself. Knowing of his past as the Green Goblin, Barton decided to act against Osborn's regime.

Under his new guise of Ronin, Clint set about on a mission of espionage against the tyrant. With a view to airing out all of Norman's dirty laundry, to collapse his regime, Clint infiltrated many of Osborn's properties and stole incriminating documents. Norman had his Dark Avengers hunt Clint down, as he became a large thorn in the side of the newly crowned Iron Patriot.


By virtue of Clint Barton's skill set, he can often be found working closer to the streets. His abilities and precision lend themselves to being able to operate in civilian areas, with little to no collateral damage. His time working on the street of New York has brought him close to others who are dedicated to street-level heroics.

One of the heroes that Clint has worked with on the street, is the impenetrable Luke Cage. The two have collaborated countless times, through some heavy events. Clint was part of the team who were dedicated to finding Cage's daughter, after she was stolen by Skrulls during the Secret Invasion event.


captain britain

They don't cross paths much, despite both heroes being Avengers alumni. Captain Britain is part of the Captain Britain Corps usually, so he's busy protecting the multiverse. The two heroes would find themselves brought together, on Steve Rogers' direction, to be part of a Secret Avengers team. Captain America had tapped Clint for the leadership role for the team, which is where the difficulty began.

Believing himself to be the leader, on account of his power, Captain Britain went about making a valiant leadership speech. Clint shot him in the mouth with a putty arrow to shut him up, then revealed Captain America has placed him in charge.


Dr. Stephen Strange and Clint Barton come from vastly different worlds. Despite the circles they run in being quite far apart, they often come together. One way the two cooperate is for their Avengers assignments. The two headstrong heroes have shared time on the team with one another for years.

Clint respects the power that Strange holds and in turn Strange respects his natural skill without power. After the events of House of M, Clint was believed to have had his life taken by Wanda Maximoff. This was not the case, but to avoid alarming others, the only person he trusted revealing himself to was Stephen.


An event taking place in the same timeline as Old Man Logan, the Thunderbolts' betrayal of Hawkeye caused the defeat of the Avengers. One of Clint's closest friends from his time on the Thunderbolts, Atlas was one of the most painful betrayals for the archer. Clint finds Atlas working in a circus in the unfortunate future, noticeably more worn than ever.

The two face off, with Barton managing to overcome his colossal former ally. As he defeats Atlas, he has visions of a happier time, with the two together in Thunderbolts mountain. Hawkeye scaled the circus tent and puts an arrow through the giant's eye.


Marvel-Hawkeye, Kate Bishop and Lucky

Kate Bishop took up the title of Hawkeye whilst Clint was operating as Ronin. The Young Avengers member proved to be just as deadly with a bow as her namesake. When Clint returned, revealing himself to be the Ronin, and still alive, he agreed to help further train Kate. Even when returning to his Hawkeye title, Clint advised Kate she could keep the name also.

The two have worked together on countless missions, despite how much Clint frustrated his more sensible student. The two even reunited to avenge the fallen Avengers in Old Man Hawkeye, assaulting Zemo's compound in the far future.


The breakdown of this particular relationship culminates in Old Man Hawkeye. Abner was one of Clint's former Thunderbolts friends who betrayed him, helping to defeat several prominent Avengers. Their betrayal under the direction of Baron Zemo ensured the downfall of the United States. On his quest for vengeance, after being left to his injuries after the betrayal, Clint had Mach on his hit list.

Returning to his more villainous moniker of Beetle, Hawkeye found him older and out of practice. Showing remorse but accepting his fate, Jenkins donned his Beetle suit for a final showdown. Hawkeye took his life, ensuring there was no way back for the former comrades.



Bobbi Morse is the ex-wife of Hawkeye, the two having fallen in love long ago. They shared time on several teams from the Regular Avengers to the Secret Avengers. Though separated, the amount of adventures, teams and even traumas shared by the pair has left a strong bond.

Clint is fiercely protective of his ex-wife and friend, even postponing calls to action from his fellow Avengers to spend more time with her. On one occasion, Bobbi was in danger of losing her life and Clint had to act. He lobbied Nick Fury to inject her with an experimental, but functional mixture of the Super Soldier Serum and the Infinity Formula, restoring her health.


Swordsman has a difficult relationship with several of his former Avengers teammates. He's had arguments with everyone from Captain America to Spider-Man during his time with the team. One hero he had a particularly difficult time with was none other than Clint Barton, Hawkeye. Swordsman actually trained Clint, alongside Trick Shot and Clint's brother, Barney.

Swordsman had his fingers in several pies at the time however, as he was embezzling money alongside his circus work. When Clint found out, his relationship with his mentor broke down, it even drove a wedge between him and his brother, who sides with Swordsman.



Red Wolf usually operates way out in Santa Rosa, far away from most heroes in the United States. This particular iteration of Red Wolf is actually time displaced, originating from 1872, joining Earth-616 after Secret Wars. Despite their different timelines and beginnings, the two heroes would find one another.

After Clint had taken the life of The Hulk in Civil War II and was found innocent when put on trial, he wanted to escape the immense amount of public attention. He took to the lesser known locations across America, helping wherever he could. In the pages of Occupy Avengers, he came across Red Wolf. The two formed a team, which proved fruitful and effective.


Perhaps the most personal vendetta Clint has against a fellow hero is his problems with Trickshot. Oftentimes a villain, Clint's brother Barney permanently defeated the original Trick Shot, taking their name and removing the space. The bad blood has been running since the two siblings were young, running together in the circus.

Betrayed by his brother, who was helping Swordsman embezzle money, Clint distanced himself from Barney. However, Barney recently returned to New York, hoping to turn over a new leaf. He helped Hawkeye defend his apartment building from local mobsters, trying to mend fences with his estranged sibling.

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