Marvel heroes and villains to battle it out at monster truck rally

If there's a new definition for "epic," true believers, it's gotta be "Marvel Monstergeddon." Marvel has teamed up with Feld Motor Sports for Marvel Monstergeddon: Super Hero Smash Up, a stadium show at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego featuring monster trucks customized to look like Marvel characters (and apparently the X-Men riding motorcycles). The event kicks off July 14.

According to Marvel.com, the show will include "a suspenseful storyline, amazing motorsports stunts and the loudest, most destructive monster truck battles between heroes and villains with the fate of the entire world at stake!" You can see some of the concept art, including sketches of trucks featuring Daredevil, Silver Surfer and Magneto, on their Facebook page. Attendees to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con can stop by Culy Warehouse at 335 6th Avenue on Wednesday, July 20 through Sunday, July 24 for a five-day preview of what’s to come in 2012, including an unveiling of "one of the most exciting 10,000 pound Marvel heroes created for Marvel Monstergeddon!"

After the jump you'll find a video featuring Stan Lee promoting the event, and if you buy your tickets from Ticketmaster, you can get a copy of Captain America #1 with a variant cover signed by Stan Lee.

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