Marvel's Hawkeye Series Hits the Target on Its First Writer

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While not much is known about Marvel's upcoming Hawkeye series on Disney+, it looks like the show has narrowed down its picks for a writer.

On Twitter, writer and producer Amy Berg revealed she lost out on a chance to work on the series. However, she also noted that it came down to her and one other candidate, an unnamed friend, who ultimately landed the gig.

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"I haven’t lost out on many jobs over my career, but I lost out on one today that stings just a bit," Berg tweeted in her original post, along with a photo of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. "Sad to say, you’re not going to see my take on these two. I think you would’ve loved it."

"It was down between me and someone else," she continued. "And I’ve since learned that someone else is a friend of mine. Couldn’t be happier for them. And no I’m not saying more than that. I’m still under an NDA."

Berg is best known for shows such as Caper, Eureka, Person of Interest and Leverage. It would have been interesting to see her take on the post-Endgame storyline, but now, fans are left to wonder which writer was chosen to integrate the movie superhero into the television medium.

In any case, since it seems Marvel has locked down a writer for Hawkeye, it may not be long before we learn who else is joining the cast and crew.

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Disney+ launches on Nov. 12 and Hawkeye will premiere in fall 2021.

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