Marvel Goes Binary For The "Age of Ultron"

Marvel Comics has released a new, somewhat unorthodox teaser for its newest promotional push: a series of letters encoded in red binary text over a black background accompanied only by the date March 2013 A.U.

While the publisher is no stranger to teasers, with another one-word Marvel NOW! image dropping yesterday, this one requires a bit more legwork. When the binary code is run through a translator, the words "Age Of Ultron" emerge. Presumably, this explains the "A.U." in the teaser, and could possibly herald the return of the Avengers' greatest foe in the landscape of a post-"AvX" Marvel Universe. "Age of Ultron" has been teased by the publisher over the past few years in "Marvel Point One" and again in "Age of Ultron" #0, the Free Comic Book Day giveaway comic. The press release that accompanied the image stated more information will be available next week on Monday, November 19. Until then, we can only speculate what the "Age Of Ultron" could be.

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