Marvel Goes Back to Press on "Wolverine" #s 20 - 22

Official Press Release

The exciting range of Marvel Must Haves just got bigger! Marvel Comics is proud to announce a new printing of the sold-out WOLVERINE #20-22. The first three issues of the "Enemy of the State" storyline. Readers thrilled to the fast-paced, action-laden narrative of Wolverine vs. the Marvel Universe, featuring the X-Men, Fantastic Four, SHEILD, and more!

Fans have called Mark Millar's "Enemy of the State" the best new Wolverine tales in years. Marvel wants to share the story with everyone and we're offering a variant cover for this printing by hard-working superstar artist JOHN ROMITA JR.

The special variant cover features Wolverine as his classic alter ego, "Patch". Followers of the scrappy Canadian hero have long appreciated the many facets and faces of Wolverine's personality, and "Patch" is a guise that always pleases, especially when drawn by John Romita Jr! Believe us when we say that JR JR has once again delivered the goods.

Marvel maniacs can get a peek at the new cover at Marvel.com.

MARVEL MUST HAVES: WOLVERINE 20-22 (the actual title)

(OCT048014D, $3.99)

Retailers need to place their orders by 12/02/04

On Sale 12/22/04

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