Marvel's Generations Trailer Promises 'There Is Room For All of Them'

Marvel has unveiled a teaser trailer for its upcoming Generations series of 10 one-shots, and the video promises the Marvel Universe is big enough for both classic and newer versions of the company's iconic superheroes.

The video begins with Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso raising the question, "Is there enough room in the Marvel Universe for Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson? For Bruce Banner and Amadeus Cho? For Logan and Laura?" as images of the heroes flash across the screen. Right before the Generations logo flashes across the screen, Alonso answers his question: "There is room for all of them."


It's further confirmed that Generations springs out of a key moment in the current Secret Empire event series when our heroes enter the Vanishing Point, which Alonso describes as "a unique place that allows them to have a singular experience, to interact and have a meaningful encounter that will shape them moving forward."

Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort reiterates, "We're not going to be sidelining or eliminating any of the younger, newer characters that we've introduced over the past couple of years. And in fact, they will all be prominent players."

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Generations, a 10-issue weekly series, begins in August.

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