Marvel Games VP Promises "Truly Epic, Authentic" Gaming Experiences

Announced on Monday during the E3 press conference, Marvel and Sony are teaming up with Insomniac Games to create a brand new Spider-Man video game exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Following the game's announcement, Marvel's vice president of games Jay Ong spoke with Polygon about what the dynamic game means for Marvel Games moving forward.

Ong said that he was hired by the company two years ago to "usher in a new era for "Marvel Games." The new "Spider-Man" game is indeed a sign of things to come. "One of our mantras is authenticity; it's easy to make a game with Spider-Man on the label, but it's much harder to make it truly authentic in a way that reflects Peter Parker, the character."

That authenticity also means that games will not be pushed out just because of an upcoming movie release; with a totally new costume, this Spider-Man game is noticeably not tied in with 2017's "Spider-Man: Homecoming" film. While Marvel Games is up for releasing games timed to a movie's release if it naturally happens, Ong said that "in this modern day and age, that [video game movie tie-in] model doesn't work anymore."

"We are absolutely obsessed about [quality]," Ong said. "That is our North Star. We always say 'Great is not good enough. We're going for truly epic.'"

Marvel/Sony/Insomniac's "Spider-Man" does not yet have a release date. Ong teased that more game announcements are on the way, some of which will be made later this year.

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