Marvel Games Introduces Captain Peggy Carter, 6 Other New Versions of Cap

Move over, Steve Rogers! Agent Peggy Carter has a job to do, and that job lands her in Super Soldier Program, only to become Captain America. At least, that's the central conceit of the character at Marvel Games, which will introduce Peggy Cap alongside six other new versions of Cap.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Marvel Games is celebrating Captain America's 75th anniversary by introducing seven new versions of the character across its mobile and PC game titles; these new heroes will include "a hero in an Iron Man-inspired war suit, a Spanish-American War freedom fighter, an American Knight dealing with the Second Dark Age, and a modern-day Cap," as well as Agent Peggy Carter and Peggy and Steve's daughter Sharon Rogers.

"They had the idea of, what if Steve Rogers was actually assassinated at the moment he was going to receive the super-soldier serum? And what if Peggy Carter instead took a step forward, and she joins the Super-Soldier Program in his place? And now Peggy Carter that people will know from the 'Agent Carter' TV show, she becomes Captain America," Marvel Games Creative Director Bill Rosemann​ explained.

"In Marvel Publishing, we've seen Bucky Barnes -- the Winter Soldier -- take up the shield for Steve Rogers. Currently, Sam Wilson -- Falcon -- has taken the shield and he's become Captain America," he continued. "So I think now seeing Peggy Carter putting her own spin and what it means to be Captain America, I think it's a very inspiring, visual story."

"They asked the question, what if Steve Rogers was not frozen in ice at the end of WWII? And what if Steve married Peggy Carter? And what if they then had a daughter? And what if their daughter, Sharon Rogers, picked up the shield and not only had the training of Captain America, but also had the espionage skills taught to her by her mother Peggy?" he added. "So in this world, the daughter of Captain America and Peggy Carter -- Sharon Rogers -- she becomes her world's Captain America."

Captain Peggy Carter will appear in "Marvel Puzzle Quest," while Sharon Rogers heads to "Marvel Future Fight." "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" will debut the American Knight, "a ray of hope in the Second Dark Age who was born from the aftermath of the Atomic Age and Second World War," while "Marvel Avengers Alliance 2" introduces Jeremiah Rogers, "a Teddy Roosevelt Rough Rider."

Additionally, "Marvel Contest of Champions" finds Steve Rogers in an alternate reality where Iron Man did not survive, and so the Super Soldier dons an Iron Man-esque suit in his memory. "Marvel Heroes 2016" will spotlight another alternate reality where the Super Solider Program -- and, thereby, Steve Rogers' transformation -- took place in the present day, and "Marvel Avengers Academy" will introduce a classic costume for Steve Rogers once he finishes his Avengers Academy training.

All seven games will be released between June 30 and July 4.

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