Marvel Games Teasing Fantastic Four Content Coming to PS4 Spider-Man

Insomniac Games rewarded fans this year with their PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man, which abandoned decades of potentially hindering comic continuity to construct their own version of the Marvel Universe. It was a risky move that worried fans but gave developers the ultimate freedom to use the Marvel Universe as their playground, and it paid off big. A new look at the various relationships in Peter Parker's life allowed characters like Miles Morales to experience their own origin story alongside Spider-Man in a way that the comics didn't, with villains like Otto Octavius becoming more central to the life of Peter Parker.

The game's universe was so well-received it has recently been adapted to the comics, with the PS4 Spidey (Earth-1048) appearing in the Spider-Geddon event. Marvel's Spider-Man has continued breathing life into new characters through dedicated DLC content that introduces new re-imagined characters like Black Cat and Hammerhead, along with the release of a number of new story chapters, challenges and most importantly - new suits to unlock. "The City That Never Sleeps" recently completed it's DLC release leaving fans wanting more, so Marvel Games made a "Fantastic" livestream announcement about upcoming new content, which may involve Marvel's First Family, the Fantastic Four.

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As one would imagine there were a lot of guesses as to what this vague tease could mean, with the general consensus being a few new costumes that could make their appearance in the game. Spider-Man has been associated with the Fantastic Four since the very first issue of Amazing Spider-Man #1 and has worn a number of related costumes over the years, from the Bombastic Bag-Man outfit to his black and white Future Foundation suit. Of course, there is always the possibility that a new set of DLC featuring either the Fantastic Four or even just Spidey's best bud Johnny Storm/Human Torch may be on the horizon considering we've seen the end of "The City That Never Sleeps."

The announcement came as part of Marvel's Fantastic Four: The Greatest Week (#FantasticFourWeek), which had previously revealed that former Blizzard developers Second Dinner are working on a video game project with Marvel. This news followed an interesting change to the Marvel Games Twitter profile teasing the Fantastic Four, which led many to believe that the Second Dinner team could be working an FF-related project. However, could this more recent tease of the "fantastic" Spider-Man PS4 addition be the reason for the profile picture change instead of the Second Dinner news? Or could they both be related?

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Fantastic Four: The Greatest Week continues celebrating Marvel's First Family of heroes until January 16.

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