The Infinity Warps Join the Marvel Future Fight Roster

The popular superhero-themed mobile dungeon crawler Marvel Future Fight will be adding four new playable characters from Marvel's Infinity Warps comics event in the game's latest update, developer Netmarble Global announced. The mashup characters being added to the game will include Arachknight (a combination of Spider-Man and Moon Knight), Ghost Panther (a combination of Ghost Rider and Black Panther), Iron Hammer (a combination of Iron Man and Thor) and Weapon Hex (a combination of Scarlet Witch and Wolverine.)

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A trailer released by Netmarble features these new characters showing off the various attacks and abilities they have at their disposal.

Additionally, the new Marvel Future Fight update will add new costumes for the game's existing characters, including Venom's Agent Anti-Venom uniform, Quicksilver's Marvel Legacy uniform and Medusa's Monsters Unleashed uniform. Players will also now be able to earn special rewards by collecting and upgrading certain uniforms with the new Uniform Collection feature, which will also add new outfits for Hawkeye and Loki.

Characters such as the aforementioned Agent Venom, Quicksilver and Medusa will also now be able to reach level 70. Moreover, Black Panther can now advance to tier-3 and Thanos can now be challenged in World Boss Ultimate.

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Finally, the new game mode, Heroic Quest, will give players a set of objectives to complete within a certain time-frame in the form of "Heroic Quest Packs," which, upon completion, unlock new rewards.

Marvel Future Fight is free for download on both Android and iOS.

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