Marvel's Fresh Start: Who's Who & What to Expect from the New Initiative


Marvel Comics is gearing up for another line-wide publishing initiative in 2018. In what's been dubbed a "fresh start" in the publisher's video announcement, fans can expect new series, new creative teams and more.

Along with the announcement comes the first piece of promo art by Jim Cheung, featuring many familiar faces from across the Marvel Universe. In the past, paying close attention to the released artwork for new initiatives has offered clues for Marvel's upcoming publishing plans. This trend appears to continue in the "Fresh Start," with heroes one would expect to see -- Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Man -- surrounded by some more surprising faces like Gambit, She-Hulk and Venom.

Fresh Start Roll Call

Iron Man, Captain America and Thor are known as Marvel's "Big Three," though Odinson hasn't gone by the name Thor for quite some time. After becoming unworthy to lift his hammer Mjolnir, the Odinson relinquished his Thor duties to Jane Foster. However, the "Death of the Mighty Thor" storyline and Jane's cancer appear to be leading to the original Thor's return, with a shiny gold arm and new gold hammer.

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Fans got their first look at this revamped Thor in a Russell Dauterman splash page for The Mighty Thor #700. The image was meant to tease various events across the Marvel Universe, including Loki possessing the Infinity Stones and Gauntlet, Jane Foster's death, the coming of the Mangog and more.


With Iron Man's suit of armor, it's hard to tell if what we're seeing is yet again a new model, or the return of a classic suit. In either case, we know now that it's Tony Stark once gain taking on the Iron Man role, after Riri Williams and Doctor Doom filled that role following Civil War II. Iron Man and Captain America will both reach milestone issues in the coming months, with Iron Man #600 and Captain America #700, respectively.

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We know Dan Slott will replace Brian Michael Bendis as the writer of Iron Man, and with Captain America back to his heroic nature post-Civil War II as well, writer Mark Waid and artist Chris Samnee may step aside for a new creative team once they've reached Issue #700.

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