Marvel's 'Fox News' Takes Aim At The Hulk (And Vice Versa)

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for The Immortal Hulk #26 from Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Ruy Jose, Paul Mounts and VC's Cory Petit, on sale now.

Bruce Banner has faced many enemies in recent months in Al Ewing's The Immortal Hulk as he moves a step closer to unleashing the World Breaker, otherwise known as the Devil Hulk. Festering inside as the ultimate destroyer, this monstrosity wants to remake the world with a supernatural connection to the One Below All driving Banner's ambitions.

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In Issue #26, as he continues his journey, Banner finds himself waging war against a new villain: Propaganda. This comes courtesy of ROXX News, a spin on Fox News, causing Banner to retaliate in a media campaign of his own as he turns the Hulk into a social justice movement.

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Roxxon's News Corporation (RNC) is slandering Banner's name around town following his hosting of pirate broadcasts from deep within his newly-controlled Shadow Base, urging the downtrodden in these free media sessions to take the world back from the elites. Banner, after seizing Shadow Base's funds, declares war on corporations, brands and the one percent in general, educating the public on how to fight back. He feels media conglomerates should no longer allow rich people to dictate how the public lives, with corrupt politicians and seedy businessmen running from accepting blame for the world's problems and exploitation of its resources.

At this point, several of ROXX's news broadcasts depict Banner as a threat to freedom. They're interviewing places the Hulk attacked, highlighting how dangerous his friends like Betty Ross/Harpy are to the masses, while also spotlighting the Avengers for not reining him in. It becomes clear there's an agenda because apart from looking at the crimes and riots from the "Hulk Smash!" cults out on the streets, ROXX even has news segments trying to gaslight people into asking if their kids might have a "Hulk Syndrome." The network is clearly trying to stir up anti-Hulk sentiment through discrimination, xenophobia and fear, similar to how many have accused Fox News of doing in the past, especially for the Donald Trump administration and groups that allegedly lean towards white supremacy.

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ROXX continues to use the voices of senators and cops to prove Banner's a terrorist, which admittedly isn't that far-fetched given how the Hulk destroys cities from time to time. But the way the reporters and radio hosts belonging to ROXX are also disparaging the likes of Charlene McGowan, who they don't know is working with Banner at Shadow Base, you know someone's pulling the strings in the background for a certain purpose, discrediting everyone in a proactive manner.

Eventually, the reason for this comes to light at the Arizona Herald where journalist Jackie McGee (who rolled with Banner, Rick Jones and Co. recently against Shadow Base) points out the government's response is to now bankroll projects to make even more anti-Hulk weapons. The bidder who's won the subcontracted rights to these operations is none other than Roxxon. In other words, Dario Agger, head of the sinister organization, got his public relations cronies to plant seeds in the government's ear they need weapons and is now poised to reap the benefits. The plan worked like a charm and seeing as Roxxon hasn't even been chastised that much for its role in War of the Realms, Agger doesn't care to hide his human form anymore.

He's the Minotaur in plain sight, shocking his board members as he signals his intent to hunt the Hulk. He sees this as the ultimate victory and believes with the government backing his vision to create new Shadow Bases in principle, he has the ultimate power he sought on Earth. Seeing the Minotaur in his business suit also has fans theorizing this could be a dig at Fox's Rupert Murdoch from the real world, but while that may just be unfounded conspiracy, it's clear that Agger has used the media as a very sinister weapon in his arsenal, albeit it could bring about dire repercussions for those who slandered Banner's name.

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