Marvel Flashes Back to "Clone Saga," "Heroes Reborn" and More in New "'92" Variants

Marvel has released five new covers as part of its "Marvel '92" variant initiative, which celebrates the characters, storylines and artists of Marvel Comics in the '90s this December -- not limited to just 1992, but taking its name from the publisher's current "X-Men '92" series.

In the latest crop, Marvel flashes back to the Clone Saga with Mark Bagley's "Web Warriors" #2 cover (complete with Kaine, the Scarlet Spider and clone Gwen Stacy); "Heroes Reborn" with Whilce Portacio returning to that world's Iron Man in an "Uncanny Inhumans" #3 variant; "Force Works" with Portacio's sadly Century-less "Uncanny Avengers" #3 variant; Julia Carpenter's time as Spider-Woman in Bagley's "Silk" #2 variant; and Carol Danvers' years as a space-faring Ms. Marvel in a "Ms. Marvel" #2 variant by J. Scott Campbell.

Here are all five of those variants, plus 16 that have been previously released:

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