Marvel 'Fires' Slott & Ramos' "Superior Spider-Man"

In the Marvel Comics pantheon, one of the core running gags has been "that old Parker luck" - the way in which the young hero behind the mask of Spider-Man could eventually screw up any windfall that came his way.

It appears the tradition is carrying on with the new websliger, Otto Octavius, who now stars in Marvel's ongoing "Superior Spider-Man" series. Today, the publisher released a teaser via their website declaring the newly minted hero "Fired" - presumably from the Avengers if you judge by the characters in the background, though we can't rule out a dismissal from Otto's inherited position at Horizon Labs.

The teaser also revealed a role on the new series for fan favorite "Amazing Spider-Man" artist Humberto Ramos, who will join "Superior" writer Dan Slott sometime after the first arc by Ryan Stegman is complete. How closely the tone of the series, Parker luck or no, will hew to the traditional Spider-Man stories is yet to be seen, but fans have a chance to test drive the new book this Wednesday when issue #1 ships.

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