How Kevin Feige's Marvel Promotion Impacts the Comics and TV Divisions

Big changes for Marvel Entertainment were set into motion earlier today when it was revealed that Kevin Feige -- President of Marvel Studios -- is now also Marvel's Chief Creative Officer. Feige now sits at the top of the company, alongside Chairman Ike Perlmutter. A new report hints at what exactly this shake-up means for Marvel Comics and Marvel Television -- as well as the chain of command in general.

It has already been revealed that Feige will continue to report directly to Alan Horn and Alan Bergman, Co-Chairmen of Walt Disney Studios. Meanwhile, Dan Buckley remains President of Marvel Entertainment, and reports to Feige regarding creative and editorial matters. Moreover, Buckley reports to Perlmutter when it comes to operations, sales, games and licenses. Finally, all creative executives in the publishing sphere report to Buckley.

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However, new information from ComicBook.com suggests that Marvel Comics' Joe Quesada -- former CCO of Marvel Entertainment -- is now the company's Executive Vice President, Creative Director. Quesada will continue to be Marvel's creative lead, reporting to Buckley. Additionally, Jeph Loeb -- Executive Vice President of Marvel Television -- no longer reports to Buckley, and now reports directly to Feige.

In other words, while Loeb, Buckley and Quesada's roles in Marvel's creative process remain more or less unchanged -- Quesada's change in title notwithstanding -- it is now Feige who oversees just about everything as far as Marvel's creative process is concerned, from comics, to movies, to television. This could potentially fall in line with previous reports of Feige's Marvel Studios taking over Marvel Television's projects. With so many moving parts, however, fans will simply have to wait and see all the ramifications this shift in Marvel's status quo will have.

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